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The extraction of files is based on a pack, the summary is the Coda AI at work.


DB PDF Files
Aftermath Silver 20240111.pdf
Aftermath Silver 20240111.pdf
Aftermath Silver presented their Berengu(e)la project in Peru, which they acquired for $21 million in stock and cash from SSR(?). The project was supposed to be a silver project, but discoveries of copper and manganese have made it polymetallic. Aftermath Silver believes they may be able to convert the manganese into manganese sulfate, which sells for $2,500 a ton when pure enough for EV battery makers. They will be spending time on metallurgy to see if they can convert their manganese into manganese sulfate. Berengu(e)la is an open-pit potential project with mineralization at surface, a current NI 43-101 resource estimate, and access to rail, power, road, and water within 5-6km.
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In this email, Joe is requesting that someone prepare checks for him based on a reviewed version of an attachment titled "Xmas List 2022.xlsx". He asks that the funds be temporarily taken from the COH and later booked in the next project. Once the checks are prepared, Joe asks that they be given to Supervisor Voitvanger and labeled with names to look more formal. The task needs to be completed by the next morning when Joe, Supervisor Voitvanger, and Mason will be going on their round.
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