How to play basket random game?

Hudson Bernard
How does Basket Random work?
Online versions of the game are available in two dimensions (2D) and can be played at a variety of websites. The objective of the game is identical to that of traditional basketball. The game consists of two pots, and the object is to throw the ball into the other pot. You can play with a friend or your brother using the same keyboard, or you can choose to play against a computer (bot) that we call artificial intelligence. One option for playing the game is to use the full screen mode, which is available when playing Basketball Random full screen.
Playing Random Baskets: The Rules
At the outset of the basket random game, there are four players involved: two from the opposing team and two from your own. The game kicks off with your characters moving back and forth in an effort to dunk the basketball into the corresponding pots. By pressing the up arrow key in conjunction with the other directional keys on the keyboard, you can direct your character to perform a jump. The ball will be in your character's hands as soon as their hand touches it. The mouse (cursor) is used to aim a throw of the ball in your hand at the other pot.
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