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About The Podcast

Good Morning Hospitality was created at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic to keep professionals in the hospitality industry up to date with the current news and trends happening in the Hotel, Airline, Short-Term Rental, and Tech hospitality verticals. , , and hosts this show weekly on Mondays based on the latest topics currently happening in the industry.
On this show, you will see special guests to help bring a new perspective or to do a deep dive into industry data with our part-time co-host, , Chief Economist at AirDNA! With a growing audience, Good Morning Hospitality is a great way to start your week on the right foot!
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Good Morning Hospitality has a dedicated listenership of over 35,000 unique listeners per episode within the first 30 days of publishing. Our listeners span all facets of the hospitality industry, from Front Desk Agents to CEOs and Founders. Based on an audience survey.

Here's What Industry Leaders Have To Say About GMH!

"It is great to be on, and it is excellent to use forums like these. You guys are a voice of the industry, so thank you for building this platform that becomes a source of truth for the industry"
- Tim Rosolio, VP of Vacation Rental Partner Success at Expedia Group (Vrbo)

"You all are class acts! Thank you for having me on the podcast and becoming a favorite part of my Monday morning routine"
- Sam Shank, Former CEO & Founder of HotelTonight

"Good Morning Hospitality is a resource for many of the team here at Operto Guest Technologies. I will walk into the office on Mondays and see a lot of our team members watching or listening to the podcast and talking about the applications of the topics within the Operto customer experience"
- Steve Davis, CEO of Operto Guest Technologies

Beyond The Audio & Podcast

Live Broadcasting

We believe in bringing the event or conference beyond the venue and creating a little "FOMO" experience for those who couldn't attend by creating live broadcasting content and interviews. This is a great way to get testimonials about the conference and for listeners and industry experts to capture high-level takeaways from attendees, speakers, and sponsors.
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Speaking & Moderating

When you're putting on a conference, the last thing you want to do is constantly be on stage, talking, introducing speakers, thanking sponsors, etc.
That's why event producers have hired GMH to Moderate, Emcee, and Speak at conferences in order to bring thought leadership into the mix and content. We record these sessions and publish them to our audiences as well to reach beyond the venue.
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The GMH Ecosystem of Content

Good Morning Hospitality on Mondays & Wednesdays

Every Monday, we have our main crew of Brandy, Michael, and Wil that cover topics and news around short-term rentals, travel, and the changing landscape with everything in between, while on Wednesday morning, we have & , who covers all of our hotel topics. Each episode has a pretty engaged audience between LinkedIn & YouTube.
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The Good Morning Capital Report & Dashboard + Monthly Episode Recap

*Note: This Dashboard is interactive, and you can use it right now in this sheet on a desktop & laptop
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The GMC Report & Dashboard is our way of driving more industry professionals to our website and increasing our email subscriber base. Every month, we track the number of hospitality businesses that receive funding or are acquired. Subscribers have to log in in order to see this data chart above, but we also take this information and make a monthly email that goes out to all of our site members and direct subscribers. Here is a sample of our newsletter outline -
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Apart from the GMC Report, we also produce a scripted micro-podcast, Good Morning Capital, that covers funding and acquisition news from the past 30 days. It's perfect for those who like to follow the money and for our sponsors to engage with listeners interested in this news. We release these short episodes on our main podcast feed.

Sponsorship Packages & Offerings

Good Morning Hospitality
Sponsorship Options
6-Month Headline Partnership
You will be the featured sponsor for both video and audio of the show in the Pre-Roll position with natural mentions in the live episode. This is only for the Monday/STR Crew. This includes every episode each month on our normal broadcasting schedule, and our producer will send clips and ensure you're getting more out of the content. This does not include bonus episodes.
One Open Starting Feb 1st, 2024
6-Month Secondary Partnership
This is for the sponsors who have a leaner budget but still want to be showcased within the GMH content. This sponsorship placement is in the Mid-Roll position and is only for the Monday/STR Crew. This includes every episode each month on our normal broadcasting schedule. This does not include bonus episodes.
One Open Starting December 2023
Conference Sponsor
$3.5k + Travel & Lodging (Starting Price)
Conference booths can be boring and annoying for your team and the attendees! Make your booth come alive by having a podcast area at your booth where the GMH Crew can bring in live interviews, showcase your current clients, and help make talking to prospective clients just a little easier. As a conference sponsor, you will receive sponsorship on all the digital assets (audio, video, and socials, and recap newsletter to our subscribers)
Contact Us
Live Broadcasting Package
This package includes up to three micro-interviews (up to 10 minutes) during a conference or event and is more of a "live on the street" feel for sponsors who don't have the space or budget to dedicate an entire podcast area to their booth. These micro interviews are turned into a sponsored compilation episode, and all the videos and clips are delivered to you post-conference/event
Contact Us
Speaking & Moderating
$1000/ per-host or per-panel
As podcasters, we're not afraid of a live audience and are always asked to moderate panels or speak at events. We offer this on a per-host or per-panel basis and will showcase a higher level of expertise to your attendees
Contact Us
Four Episode Bundle
$1000/per episode with a four-episode minimum
This is our lower-tiered sponsorship package that allows you to dip your toe in the water as a Mid-Roll sponsor in our next 4 upcoming episodes based on our regular broadcasting schedule.
One Open Starting December 2023
Hotel Crew Sposnorship
$750/episode with a four episode min.
Our Hotel Crew goes live every Wednesday morning and has a huge live audience that engages with them during the live recording. If you sponsor their episodes you will get first pick of their Pre-Roll or Mid-Roll sponsorship for both. video & audio.
Two Starting December 2023
Newsletter & GMC Episode (1 Per Month)
As our email list grows and our audience does more deep dives into the topics, sponsoring our newsletter and micro-episode (Good Morning Capital) is a great way to maintain a presence in the GMH content ecosystem. This gets your logo and blurb with a call to action in our newsletter and a sponsorship mention in our monthly episode highlighting the capital and acquisition activity.
Two Starting December 2023
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Contact Us: For all sponsorship options around conferences/events or questions around our current package options, please email and she can help with coordination or questions.
Disclaimer: Good Morning Hospitality is a news show that prides itself on unbiased reporting. Our sponsors and partners should know that our reporting is not influenced by any affiliations we may have. We are committed to providing accurate and impartial news to our audience, regardless of any relationship we may hold with any party.

Our Current Sponsors:

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Listen To Our Episodes Here!

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