Product Brief on Acid Template

The Product Brief (on Acid)-aka PBA-is a central framework that’s distilled the most essential product information in a brief that can be applied for iterative applications across sales, marketing, and customer success materials.
Hoang Pham

Product Description

Asana is a productivity platform to help teams to collaborate and improve task/project management.

How it Works

Step One.
Step Two.
Step Three.
Step Four
Standardize goal settings
Create custom templates to standardize goals across your organization.
Choose between different goal types, like objectives or key results.
Use Asana’s project template to streamline goal-setting, from drafting to final approvals.
Monitor performance
Create custom reports to instantly see which goals are on track, off track, or at risk.
Automatically update each goal’s progress based on the projects and portfolios that support it.
Link reporting data from Salesforce to see real-time updates about deals, leads, and more.
Write better goals
Start with a basic description, then ask AI to draft a SMART goal that’s specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.
Customize every part of your objective, from how it’s formatted to how you measure progress.
Connect goal to data
With hundreds of app integrations, Asana makes reporting easy.
Key Features
Reporting dashboards
App integrations
Smart goals
Built in integration with suites of external software/application
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Target Audiences

Business and Enterprise clients whose company structure is organized into teams, requiring cross team communication and project management.
User Personas
Sales Manager
Product Manager
Project lead

Buyer Personas
VP of Sales
Director of Sales
Head of Engineer

Key Indicators

Project delivery
Increase revenue
Save time
Improve efficiency
Value Proposition #1: Project delivery
Percentage of projects that meet deadlines
50% of projects that meet deadline
40% of projects that deliver early

Value Proposition #2: Increase revenue
Customer Performance Indicator: # of deals closed
93% of engineering teams achieve faster delivery cycles with Asana
1.5x more deals with Asana
89% of sales teams close more deals with Asana.

Use Cases

This is a way to help you break down all the ways your core value propositions and provide sufficient context.
Standardize goal settings
When I work with different teams within the organization, I want to have a template to set up goal and associated tasks so that I can write and manage work items in a streamline and understandable manner.
Monitor performance
When it takes too much time to manually create Excel timeline to track every individual projects, I want to have an “automated” and built-in tool within my platform to track the progress, understand the insight data of team velocity and generate reports of project status at any given time so that I efficiently manage and deliver projects on time.
Standardize goal settings
List all the features that apply to this use case.
When [I have a pain point], I want [solution] so I can [achieve my customer performance indicator]
When I work with different teams within the organization, I want to have a template to set up goal and associated tasks so that I can write and manage work items in a streamline and understandable manner.
Pain Points
What are the current frustrations and pains your target user is currently experiencing?
Different styles of work items created by different people
Time consuming to learn about various way of how a task/goal is presented
Context switching when working across different teams, each have their owned way to create task and goal
Pain Relievers/Solutions
What are some technical solutions to alleviate your user’s pain?
A standard template to write goal across the organization
A set of define properties to fill out when writing a goal/task
Smart feature to recommend relevant context of project to fill in certain properties
Value Propositions
What is the value/gains the user can receive from your product's solutions?
Streamline communication across the board
Goal and Task are presented in a unanimous and coherent style
Goal setters and task writers know exactly what and where to write
Task doers know what exactly the manager is looking for
Performance Indicators
What metrics can you use to measure the impact of your value propositions?
Percentage of projects that meet deadlines:
50% of projects that meet deadline
40% of projects that deliver early
Product Transformation
Whats the product vision for how your product helps your user achieve their ultimate goals?
Percentage of project that meets deadline:
Time spent on writing task
Coherent form of task and goal improve communication between product manager and task doers.
All of these matters save everyone time in administrative part and spend time in doing the actual work which contributed to the delivery on time of the project

Company Differentiation

This is a spreadsheet to store all your methods of credibility, reliability and security. Keep your testimonials, case studies, compliance measures documented in one central place for your product.
"The Hubspot integration has streamlined and minimized the time it was taking to schedule interviews with my sales reps and potential sales reps."- Becky, Calendly User, Consumer Goods
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Case Study
Customer Success
Help Center
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Contact Us Page
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Security Page
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