Design Interview Questions

40 Example interview questions for Product, UX or Interaction Designers at tech companies. Use this guide to help you prepare for junior or mid-level positions. Copy the doc to make it your own.
Over the past six years I've interviewed for junior mid-level design positions at tech companies. I'll be honest, each time I've interviewed for jobs it's been overwhelming and exhausting, But going in prepared can help you feel a little bit more calm and confident for each interview.
Here, I've rounded up interview questions that I've seen come up time and time again both as the interviewee and the interviewer. I've also listed questions that you can ask the team to get to know them better and see if the team is a good fit for you.
It might be helpful to write down answers to some of the questions you're feeling less sure about, or just practice answering the questions to yourself or a friend.
You got this! 🤗

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Questions to answer

This may look like a lot of questions but just have a scan through. For preparing for your interview, try and focus on the background questions as well as the questions you feel like you'd have a hard time answering.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience
On the design spectrum, do you see yourself more on the UX or Visual design side or someplace in between?
What's your biggest strength as a designer?
What are your weaknesses as a designer?
What are you passionate about or what is your superpower?
Where do you want to be in 5 years?
Portfolio review:
Walk us through your process for this project on your portfolio?
Tell us about a time that you had to make a tradeoff with your design.
What's something that could be improved about this design of yours?
If you had more time with this design exercise, how would you spend that time?
What steps would you take when a product manager brings you a new design problem to solve?
What's an example of a well designed product, and why?
Where do you go to for design inspiration?
What is a time when you’ve received difficult feedback/ had a difficult project? How did you handle it?
What do you think makes a good product designer?
How do you validate your designs?
How do you validate wether your design was successful or not?
About the company / team:
Why do you want to work here? / Why do you want to design here?
What do you bring to this company?

Questions to ask the team

Remember that you're there to find out if the team is a good fit for you as well. Asking specific questions can shed light on wether it'll be a good match or not, so do your homework about the team and company before your interview. If possible find out who you will be interviewing with, and look them up on LinkedIn.
Projects & Role
What kind of projects would I be working on?
What is this role for, any particular product area?
What’s expected of the designer on this team?
Are designers expected to conduct their own research?
Who would I be most closely working with?
What’s the team set up like?
How many other designers on the team?
What skills is the team missing?
How is the design team organized?
How is the product and design team split?
What kind of design team are we building?
How does design team collaborate? Critiques, reviews, socials
Design system: is there currently one and what's the plan for that going forward?
What's the most unique thing about the design team here?
How are decisions made regarding what to work on next?
How does design work with PM?
What unique value does design add here?
What are the biggest challenges the design team faces?
How are decisions made?
How do designers collaborate with one another?
How do designers split work?
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