Tweet idea generator with OpenAI

Generate new ideas, edit your tweet and then tweet them, all without leaving Coda.

See how it works in 8 easy steps 👇
How to use this template:
Create a copy of this doc
Signup to and get your API keys
Click the “Add new idea” button and add your tweet idea
Click “Draft Tweet” and GPT-3 will write an idea for you
Edit your tweet
Click “Tweet” to open Twitter in your browser and post your tweet!

Add new idea
Tweet idea
Draft Tweet
GPT-3 Tweet
Tweet idea
Draft Tweet
GPT-3 Tweet
Today is election day, lets vote!
#ElectionDay is finally here! Get out and vote for the candidate of your choice! Every vote counts!
I’m thinking about traveling around the world for 200 days!
I'm thinking about traveling around the world for 200 days! I can't wait to explore new cultures and see amazing sights. #traveling Should I do it? any ideas on where to go?
How to promote the OpenAI Pack in a Coda doc
OpenAI's new pack is great for managing AI projects! Check it out:
why should I use AI to help me write my tweets
If you want to get the most out of your account, you should definitely use #AI to help you write your tweets! With AI, you can get real-time feedback on what's working and what's not, so you can adjust your strategy on the fly.
A tweet idea generator using Open AI
Just discovered a 🤯 tweet idea generator built with Open AI that will revolutionize 🤖 my Twitter game! #OpenAI #AI #TweetIdeas #Innovative
A very simple and flexible tweet idea generator using GPT-3
I'm excited to use a simple, flexible tweet idea generator powered by #GPT3! Generate fresh ideas quickly and easily to help create your best social media content. #AI

^ And yes, I used this template to draft, edit and tweet this 😮😮

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