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Tweet idea generator with AI

Generate new ideas, edit your tweet and then tweet them, all without leaving Coda.
Easily generate tweet ideas using Coda AI. Start by adding a tweet idea, AI will create a tweet for you. After editing the tweet, simply click the Tweet button and you’re done!
Right now, Coda AI is leveraging OpenAI and we’re continuing to test multiple models to determine what provides the best user experience. We are also exploring a Coda hosted model.

How to use this template

Create a copy of this doc
Click the “Add new idea” button and add your tweet idea
Coda AI will write an idea for you
Edit your tweet
Click “Tweet” to open Twitter in your browser and post your tweet!

Add new idea
Tweet idea
AI-generated Tweet
Are you team turkey or team ham for thanksgiving?
Let's settle the debate once and for all! Which do you prefer for Thanksgiving: juicy turkey or savory ham? 🦃🍖 #ThanksgivingDinner #TeamTurkey #TeamHam
What are the best christmas gifts?
Looking for gift ideas this Christmas? Check out our top picks for the perfect presents that will make your loved ones feel extra special! 🎁🎄 #Christmas #GiftIdeas
why should I use AI to help me write my tweets
AI can be a powerful tool to elevate your social media game! With its ability to analyze data and generate personalized content, using AI to help write your tweets can save time and increase engagement. Give it a try and see the difference it can make! #SocialMedia #AI #Productivity
Coda AI will help us be more productive
Coda AI is revolutionizing productivity with its innovative technology! Join the movement and start streamlining your workflow today. #productivity #innovation
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