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Youth Bible Study

05 Special - It's My Choice

What It Means

2 Timothy 3:15-17
Hebrews 5:12-14
Matthew 6:7, 9-15
John 15:1,4,5
1 Peter 3:15


How did we get the Bible?
Do you have your own Bible? Yes, or no?
What translation or paraphrase is it?
The Bible translation I like best right now is the _________.
Four things you can use when you pray.
Please: ___________
Thanks: ___________
Wow: ______________
Others: ___________


Which parts of the Bible do you like? Which parts don’t you like? Why? How do you find the parts of the Bible you like?
Do you have a Bible of your own? How much time each week do you spend on your own reading of the bible? How much do you rely on others to provide your spiritual input?
When does a person become old enough to be responsible for their spiritual life? What role do parents, teachers, Sabbath school leaders and teachers, friends, and others play in your spiritual life?
What’s an example of one of your typical prayers? Are you satisfied with your prayers? Explain.
Give examples of prayers that were answered and prayers that weren’t answered (as far as you were concerned).
How real is God to you? How do you share this with others?
Is it easier to witness to friends and family members, or is it easier to witness to strangers? Why?
Other questions or comments I have about this topic.

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