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Youth Bible Study

04 Seek - It's My Choice

What it Means

Exodus 25:8
Hebrews 8:1,2,5
Daniel 8:14
Mark 11:15-17
Matthew 18:20


What do these items represent?
Altar of burnt Offering
Table of Showbread
Altar of Incense
Ark of the Covenant
First Compartment
Second Compartment
In what ways were the wilderness temple and Herod’s temple the same? How are they different?
Where is the temple now?
Where is God now?


What do you think God looks like?
Where have you found God?
Since God can be with His people everywhere all the time, why did He want them to build a sanctuary?
If you were to boil down the messages and the symbols of the sanctuary to one sentence, what would you say?
If we had to bring a sacrifice from our family today, what would it be?
Where is God’s sanctuary now?
Jesus made a difference by including the Gentiles. Where can we include people who are usually left out?
Other questions or comments I have about this topic.
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