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Youth Bible Study

03 Showtime - It’s My Choice

What it Means

John 14:1-3sdfsdfs
1 Thessalonians 4:16-18
Revelation 20:1-2
Matthew 24:14
Matthew 28:19-20


Draw “the place I’d like Jesus to prepare for me in heaven”.
List at least 3 events that will happen when Jesus comes the second time.
After Christ’s second coming, what will happen in relationship to the millennium?
God’s people in heaven will have all their questions answered.
Jesus returns with his people and the New Jerusalem to set up GOd’s kingdom on earth.
Satan and his followers try to destroy God and God’s people.
Satan and the wicked are destroyed, never to rise again.
This earth becomes the new earth, no more sin, Satan, and sadness.
Describe in your own words the “Good News”


What has been one of the “funniest” times in your life? Compare that event to the return of Jesus.
What would you like to do before Jesus returns (For example, get a driver's license, get married, visit, Australia, etc.)?
A number of Christians believe that when Jesus comes, he will secretly “rapture” his people to heaven. How would you respond to this belief? How would it affect the way you live?
Will you be glad or sad when Jesus returns? why?
What do you think you’ll do during the millennium?
Who do you want to be with you in heaven? What are you doing (and what have you done) to make this a reality?
Describe what you think heaven will be like. What do you want to be there?
Other questions or comments I have about this topic.
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