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Youth Bible Study

01 Success - It's My Choice

What it Means.

Genesis 3:15
Romans 3:23
Romans 6:23
Joshua 24:15
1 John 5:11-13


What does enmity mean in Genesis 3:15? Check different translations.
How many people have sinned?
How does a person get eternal life?
Whose side are you on? God or Satan?


Do you do more good things than bad things? Explain.
Specifically, how does a person change from Satan’s side to God’s side?
After you join God’s side, do you ever do things that make it seem as though you are still on Satan’s side? Explain.
Whose side are you on-Christ’s or Satan’s? How do you know?
Where have you seen hatred? Could this be related to the war between good and evil, Christ and Satan, what the Bible calls “enmity”?
Share an example of something you have done when you were on Satan’s side (like something selfish).
What are examples of “wages” you’ve earned? What are examples of gifts you’ve received?
What other questions or comments do you have about salvation?
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