DevOps Onboarding Checklist

1. Get access to google account (HR).
2. Get access to slack. Join following slack teams:
#cloudops, #devops, #eng_des_prod, #jenkins_staging, #staging_dev_issues, #capvel-pod-sentry-dev, #capvel-pod-sentry-fe-prod, #cms-ci, #jenkins-cms-deploy-updates, jenkins-cms-terraform-updates
3. Request access to Github; share your Github ID with devops team.
4. Request access to AWS, Jenkins from DevOps team.
5. Request access to Jira.
6. Login to using your gmail.
7. Create access to ArgoCD by logging into AWS Cognito.
8. Request access to Oracle Cloud Infra
9. Request access to OpenVPN
10. Request access to PingSafe
11. Add your ssh pub key to all the required servers.
12. Request access to the spreadsheet that contains Vault, ArgoCD details.

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