Try These Packaging Materials For Your Candle Boxes

What used to be a necessity back in the day is used as a luxury today. One such example is the use of scented candles that not only have a pleasing aroma but of them have healing and soothing powers as well. People today love to have these candles in every corner of their homes.
Therefore, with the increase in demand, there happens to be saturation, resulting in competition. For your brand to be a top-notch candle-selling brand, you must use to appease your customers and build your trust in them.
We have gathered some of the famous packaging materials that you may use for your candle boxes to charm customers and keep your candles safe throughout their journey.

Kraft Boxes

First on our list is the famous kraft box. Many candle brands use Kraft boxes because they have many benefits under their wings. Kraft boxes can be used as candle boxes because of the following properties.

They Are An Affordable Option

Your kraft candle boxes are an affordable option and a good investment simultaneously. These boxes are available at reasonable prices in the market. If you have a small budget and think you cannot afford some luxury packaging material, kraft boxes are your go-to option.

They Are Ambassadors Of Sustainability

Since these boxes are manufactured from wood pulp, kraft boxes are highly sustainable. They can resist water but not to an optimum level. Therefore, using them for retail and physical stores is a safe option.
Customers love to buy sustainable packaging, and if advertised the right way, who knows how many customers this sustainable option will bring to your store?

It’s Easier To Carry Kraft Boxes

Since kraft box is lightweight, it gets easier for customers to carry them. Remember, a candle is already heavy, so you do not want to add another heavy material around it.
They do not weigh much even after the candle is packaged, and customers can lift them easily.

Unboxing Experience

Create a beautiful unboxing experience for your customers with kraft candle boxes. You don’t want to frustrate them with complicated packaging, but that doesn’t mean you compromise the candle’s safety.
Tuck-end boxes will work best for kraft candle boxes. You may also try several other options for a better experience.

For Retail And Physical Shops

These boxes can protect candles more than a regular paperboard, but it is a safe option not to use them for shipping to far-flung areas.
However, that doesn’t mean you cannot use them at all. Use them for retail and physical stores where there is minimum traveling.

Customisation options

You can go for custom candle boxes because they appease customers more than standard packaging. Colours have always brought a smile to people’s faces, so why not use them in your candle packaging?
You can have custom printed candle boxes to help your brand get the recognition it deserves. Having custom boxes also helps in better engagement because once you know what customers are looking for and provide them with that exact thing, they are bound to stay loyal to your brand.

Cardboard Boxes

Another way to package your candles is to use cardboard. Cardboard is sturdier than regular paperboard because it is made from wood pulp.

Affordability And Sustainability Under One Roof

Choosing cardboard candle boxes will help you save money while being a sustainable brand simultaneously. Cardboard boxes are made from wood pulp and are highly sustainable. This is one of the reasons why they are affordable as well.
You may use these boxes to avoid pollution as much as possible since ecology needs to be saved, which is one step towards it.

Easy To Carry

Cardboard candle boxes are easy to carry because they are lightweight like kraft boxes and thus add minimum weight when the candles are packaged. Customers look for lightweight packaging, making it easier for them to carry the boxes.

Unboxing Experience

Give your customers a great unboxing experience with cardboard candle boxes. When you choose customisation, you also have the liberty of selecting the box style. Look at the simpler box styles, so customers have a smooth unboxing experience.

For Retail And Physical Shops

The retail market is one of the best ways to get attraction, but the competition is exceptionally high. Therefore, using the best candle boxes will help you reach better sales. You may use cardboard for retail shops and your physical stores as they are sturdy and provide resistance against water to some extent.

Customisation Options Available

There are thousands of customisation options available for your cardboard candle boxes. From the selection of packaging material to the ink used on the boxes, everything can be customised.
You may use color pallets like pastels, nude shades, earthy colours, etc., for a decent and sober look. But that doesn’t mean you cannot use glossy finishing or funky and sparkling colours on your candle boxes.

Corrugated Cardboard

And the advanced form of regular cardboard is corrugated cardboard. These boxes will be the perfect fit for your candles since they have an added flute inside the standard cardboard sheets to protect the desired product.
Corrugated candle boxes provide better protection than kraft or cardboard boxes.

Safe Option For Shipping Purposes

Corrugated cardboard candle boxes are a viable option for shipping your candles to far-off places and overseas. The flutes inside the cardboard sheets protect the candles from water damage, crushing, and denting. If you want an optimum level of protection, you may use triple-wall corrugated cardboard.
These boxes are recommended by the packaging companies as well for candle shipping boxes because of the protection they provide to the candles throughout the journey.

Occasional And Luxury Launches

Luxury scented candles need luxury-looking packaging. Therefore, you may use corrugated cardboard candle boxes whenever you launch a unique or theme-related candle.
For instance, if you are launching candles related to the spirit of Christmas or the New Year’s holiday, you may not want to go with the regular cardboard or kraft. Corrugated cardboard with adorning effects will help serve your candles’ luxury look.
Based on the number of flutes and cardboard sheets, corrugated cardboard has further four types:

Single Face Corrugated Cardboard

This is not used for manufacturing boxes but around the product for better protection. It consists of one flute sheet and one cardboard sheet.

Single Wall Corrugated Cardboard

It has one flute sheet between two cardboard sheets and provides more protection than regular cardboard despite having the most miniature flute sheets.

Double Wall Corrugated Cardboard

With two corrugated flutes and four cardboard sheets, this box type will protect your candles no matter where you are shipping them.

Triple Wall Corrugated Cardboard

It has the most flutes and cardboard sheets; three flutes and six cardboard sheets. This type might be sued for luxury candle packaging and for shipping your candles to overseas and far-off cities. This type is bound to protect the candles to an optimum level.
You can also have customised corrugated cardboard candle boxes with different flute types. Each of them has something unique to offer. Some of them have excellent crushing resistance, while others have good cushioning.

Rigid Boxes

If you want the customers and your fellow candle manufacturing brands to gawk at your candle boxes, you might have to use rigid boxes for that purpose. These boxes are the perfect fit for royal-looking packaging.

Use These Boxes For Special Occasions

candle boxes Rigid boxes offer a luxury look, so why not use them for special purposes only? You can also use it for regular candles, but these boxes will enhance the look of your luxury candles. Launching a new collection?
Try rigid boxes because when customers see the premium packaging, they will note that the candle inside is also a royal product.

Perfect Fit For Shipping Purposes

Rigid boxes are the perfect option for shipping because they are tough to dent and crush. These boxes also provide optimum protection against environmental factors like rainfall and snow. Water penetrating the box and damaging the product is not more accessible, and you can test it before finalising your purchase.
However, the only downside of these boxes is the rate. Compared to others, rigid boxes are a bit pricey, and you will have to spend a good amount upfront if you contact a wholesaler or a packaging company. However, getting these two will help you save more than buying at the regular market rate.
You can also have them customised in different ways. There are a lot of styles you can use, like flap boxes, hinged boxes, sleeve style, or even tuck-end. Give your customers a smooth unboxing experience as well.

Find Custom Candle Boxes At Wholesale Rates

If you want to save more money on these boxes, you can always go to candle boxes wholesale manufacturers. Many wholesalers in your area will be providing you the candle boxes at much more affordable rates than the market.
But if you search a little more, you may contact different packaging companies directly instead of using a middleman, which will help you save even more. Packaging companies allow you to have different discounted rates and amazing deals at a certain

Summarising The Discussion

These are some of the options you can use for your candle boxes. Each type has its advantages and a few drawbacks, but it doesn’t mean that they will fail to protect your candles.
If you use customisation options with each material, you can change the overall look of these simple brown boxes. Use these materials today and see the difference yourself.

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