Harley Street Healthcare Review: Duration of hair transplants

Those who seek hair transplant procedure to gain back hair on their head tend to have lots of queries to make. One such vital question is how long their transplant will last. Generally, the effects of this advanced medical procedure are stated to be long-lasting. However, there might arise different circumstances based on which, the results might vary.

So, how long can the treatment are expected?

shows that the transplant is likely to last for a lifetime! This means, they are permanent in nature and it is only in rare cases that people might require redoing them. Moreover, you will be able to view clearly a much better and new hairline shape immediately after completion of the entire procedure. Following the transplant, hair starts to develop rapidly.

Issues faced

Some patients have reported hair loss and losing strands following early growth. It is however, quite common and nothing to worry about. Once the initial transplanted hair falls out, you can expect it to regrow permanently. In appearance, you can enjoy having normal, healthy hair. About half a year from having the procedure, many experience changes in their hair growth pattern. Full outcome can be derived after a year.

Safe procedure

have also shown that the procedure that is currently offered is technologically advanced. They are permanent, natural and safe. Having sufficient amount of healthy hair growing on your head is considered to be a good thing. Physicians cab transplant follicles to the desired location. Also, you can develop hair on your chosen spot with ease. Those with damaged scalps however, might not be eligible to avail successful transplantation.

Does hair transplant offer permanent results?

Worries concerning the permanence of the transplant are reasonable. However, the majority are said to enjoy lifetime results. Follicles are relocated from the scalp’s donor region. It assures the transplants being taken readily as well as blend in months with remaining hair. Each follicle is likely to generate hair to organically develop along with surrounding hairs.

Pattern baldness

Those having pattern baldness are likely to lose hair in the near future. It can be resolved by availing additional therapy for transplanting healthy hair in those regions that is experiencing new hair loss. By taking proper care, transplanted hairs are likely to remain healthy and strong while lasting for a lifetime.

Proper evaluation

The knowledgeable surgeons will first take into consideration your family history involving hair loss. They will also get to know about other factors concerning hair loss or thinning. This helps to evaluate whether you might lose hair in future or not. Thus, you can forecast and anticipate future operations. Also, you may create a density and hairline to seamlessly integrate with them.

Will transplants wear off?

You may want to know if transplantation is irreversible. Once hair follicles get transplanted within the areas of losing hair, skin in this part is likely to take some time to recover. For initial three months after the surgery, part of hair will come out. Transplanted hair follicles, however, will have lifespan similar to remaining part of the hair follicles.
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