Corporate Retreat Planner - Take Home Assignment


Corporate Retreat Planner - Take Home Assignment

To help us understand your planning style and technical abilities, each Corporate Retreat Planner candidate will complete the following take home assignment.

Feel free to download this document as a word document to your computer or duplicate into your Google Drive, then input your responses. After completing the assignment, send as an attachment in an email to with the subject line, “CRP - Assignment Complete” or share Drive link with In the email, please also include a link to your Travefy itinerary and the Drive link (if applicable).

The following is information that has been gathered about this client’s retreat during the sales process and will be handed over to you once you accept the job. Please follow the steps below to complete the planning of an amazing retreat for this client.

Looking For: a remote hotel with strong Wi-Fi so that they can do their hackathon (4 hours on 2 days). They love casual dining, trying local jaunts and nature-based activities. Nothing that is too intensive.
Trip Length: 4 Days, 3 Nights
City: Select Your Own
Hotel: 3-star or above, nothing too fancy but prefer something hip
Meeting Rooms: 12 Hours of Meeting Space
Distributed however you would recommend to clients during the 4 days
Include 2 Lunches and 3 Breakfasts (these can be catered or onsite)
Dining: 3 Options for each of the 3 Nights
Activities: 3 Options for 1 Activity
Budget: $1,500pp not including flights
*If certain details have not been provided to you, feel free to make your own selections/scenarios.

Step 1: Sign up for a Travefy account by clicking the ‘Start Free Trial’ button if you do not already have one. *Note: You do not have to enter any credit card information in order to use the free trial.

Step 2: Write a draft of an introductory email to the client after you accept the job of planning their retreat. We just want a general idea of how you would go about introducing yourself and verifying all of the information that they have given in the sales process.

Step 3: Create an example itinerary in Travefy for a low-key Engineering Hackathon Retreat based on the given information.
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