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Today we are recording a video to talk about what is life like as a CEO. Or more specifically, to me, what is life like as a 29 years old CEO.
So I’ve been in the job for about 9 months and it has been by far the busiest 9 months of my life. I guess in this video, what I want to do is shine a little bit of light on what liife is like for me personally doing this job, and maybe just some of the things that I’ve learned in my first 9 months in this job.
I guess the first thing I want to talk about that has been really noticeable for me is sort of work life balance. And I heard the terms of work-life-balance.

How to Convinve Someone to Join Your Startup?

This is a super common question where someone wants to start a startup, and they’re like how do I get a co-founder,how do I get my first employees and my advice is following.
First,you have to convince yourself. If you’re not fully committed or if you have grave doubts that your idea is any good or it’s even worth trying, how can u ever convince someone else? And people can tell if you’re not believe in what you are doing. So if you really have that fire that you’re onto something that’s worth doing and you’re convinced,then it’s much easier to convince other people to join you. And frankly the same thing gose for getting your first customers getting your first partners,your first employees. For everyone, it all comes down to this core of u being convinced of the story that you’re telling it in it being ture to you,and then your confidence will flow out to everyone else.

What does it mean to convince yourself?

Do you ever know that feeling where an idea enters your head and you can’t sleep at night? and you can’t think about anything else but it and it starts to pervade your thoughts.That’s a sign that you might have a startup idea or a drive to work on something that’ll have the kind of magnetism and power to keep you on it awhile. If you just can’t get it out of your head, if you immediately are cynical about it and you’re negative on it and you’re just not that excited about it that’s a sign that you’re not convinced.
I always encourage people to work on the thing that they are very excited about and obsessed with even at the expense of working an idea that may seem easier to raise money for ,that may seem more commercially viable,that may seem more like something that impresses other people. And the reason I encourage this is I have consistently seen teams that they don’t believe in the thing they’re doing secretly and they’re not convinced by when they run into a rough patch and everyone always does but when they run into a rough patch they give up and I’ve seen teams where they really deeply are convinced of what they’re working on. They overcome almost every kind of setback. You can run out of money and somehow survive, you could have to completely pivot and change your idea, but if you believe in what you’re doing and in the big sense you can recover from that, you can keep going.
If we assume that those are equally difficult to accomplish.
It’s almost like if you have to travel a thousand miles to go somewhere you want to visit versus travel a thousand miles to somewhere that you you’re ambivalent about always go to the place you’re much more excited about, and the fact is your excitement and enthusiasm about it will encourage the chance that you’re actually going to get there.

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