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UI-UX Designer Challenge

Hello 👋, thank you for talking to us and accepting to take our challenge 💪


This is a simple UI/UX screening task based on a real-life scenario to gauge your proficiency and experience in UI/UX, specifically focused on visual language and design systems.
This is not a project nor are we looking for free labor. This task is intentionally designed to be simple.
Commun1ty is a recently launched hyperlocal neighborhood app designed to digitize communities in Singapore. The platform helps neighbors discover, engage, and build their local communities, while enabling small businesses to digitize and connect with local customers.
Following agile principles, the team started with an MVP and have continuously improved over time across multiple releases. However, as a result of designing and adding new features over time, the current UI/UX of the app is no longer cohesive and does not present a strong brand identity.


To address these issues, the team is planning to kickoff a UI/UX project to sharpen the app’s brand identity, address key UX issues, and build a new design system. To start this project, a UI/UX assessment is needed to identity the gaps and design improvement opportunities.
The screening task would be to provide a UI/UX assessment on one or two key screens of the app.


UI/UX assessment of 1-2 key screens
To start, download the Commun1ty app on App Store or Playstore and explore the app.
Identify 1-2 key screens (e.g., Home, Hood, Circles, Listings, Invites) and provide a UI/UX assessment, focusing more details on UI (e.g., Visual language, Design system).
Identity and explain current issues with the UI (some UX) and provide potential recommendations.

Example assessment with recommendations:
611f5d96b0fc4825b893f34f_Final design 2.png

How to submit

Please use 👉 to submit your result.
It looks like this:
Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 3.26.54 PM.png
It will be highly evaluated if you could describe in the submission your approach, why you decide to do it that way.
If you have any questions, feel free to email
Thank you. We can’t wait to see and discuss your result.

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