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Head of Remote Talent

Hello there! If you’ve landed on this page, it means our interests have already intersected. We’re thrilled to learn more about you, but first, allow us to share a bit about us. Should you choose to proceed, we look forward to delving deeper into your background and expertise during the upcoming interviews. Cheers to a promising journey ahead! 🏁

About us

CoderPush is a remote-first company of 90 experienced and dedicated engineers that provide high-standard software product development services. We set very high expectations of client satisfaction for the long term.
Our organizational structure comprises a CEO, a COO, and five Heads of Functions who oversee Growth, Remote, Delivery, Quality, and Talent. These roles guide and empower our dedicated and diverse team to innovate and excel in delivering top-quality software services.
At the heart of our operations lie five core values: Remote, Trustworthiness, Growth Mindset, Empathy for Customers, and Empowered Accountability. These principles guide our actions and decisions, helping us create a respectful, inclusive, and growth-oriented workplace culture.

What you will do

The ultimate job for a Talent Manager role is to identify and nurture talent to maximize their potential and achieve both personal and organizational success. You will be responsible for overseeing the recruitment, development, and retention of talented individuals.
Acquisition: Identifying and recruiting individuals with exceptional skills, abilities, and potential that align with the organization's needs and goals.
Nurturing: Implementing training and development programs to enhance the skills and capabilities of the talent, fostering their growth and ensuring they remain relevant and competitive in their fields.
Coaching: Develop a systematic process of setting performance expectations, evaluating progress, providing feedback, and facilitating continuous improvement.
Other tasks contributing to helping the talent achieve their professional goals and supporting the company in achieving the strategic objectives through the acquisition and management of exceptional talent.
You will report to our COO.

We are looking for someone

with the right experience, high ownership and high growth potential
A bachelor's degree in business, economics, marketing, management, or a similar field
Experience in Talent acquisition, HRBP, COO, CEO roles in technology industry
Experienced the growth of a company/team from 100 people size to above (no need to be at the highest leader at that point in time)
Growth mindset. Always be learning and being a quick learner yourself!
Strategic thinking, planning ability
Ability to consult founders, leaders and the team on what works, what doesn’t work
Data-driven: data gathering, analyze and make decision based on data insights
High ownership
Strong leadership
Good communication especially in English - consider rating yourself at least 4/5 with 5 is the level where you can communicate fluently

What we offer

Remote first - work from anywhere you want.
Fun and professional remote working environment.
Laptop provided (Macbook).
Monthly compensation package to help you work and live better, remotely!
Training and career development opportunities.
Full support for exams to get Certification and skills improvement training.
Monthly coaching to grow your career.

Hiring Process

We are committed to ensuring that our company is the optimal environment for you to cultivate your skills and career for the next 2 years and beyond. As such, we have designed a thorough interview process that might be more time-consuming than typical practices. If you are on a tight schedule, please consider whether this would align well with your current circumstances. Our process proceeds as follows
Phone Screening: This brief call allows us to understand your communication styles and assess your proficiency in English.
First Meeting: A 45-minute video call where we take the opportunity to introduce ourselves in detail and outline the 'Take Home Test' you'll be tasked with.
Take Home Test: Designed to showcase your capabilities, this test will approximately take between 14-16 hours of your time.
Second Meeting: Another 45-minute video call where we delve into your submitted task, exploring your thought processes and solutions.
Third Meeting: An in-depth meeting with your prospective direct managers, and of our company.
We believe in the importance of this comprehensive process to ensure that you are well suited for our team and our culture, and to give you the best possible understanding of your role and our organization.

Ready to take the next big leap in your career? We can't wait to hear from you! Send your CV to and take the first step towards an exhilarating journey that will challenge, inspire, and help you grow. We are eager to discover the unique perspectives you will bring to our team

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