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Hi Name,

For the past eight years, THiNK Marketing has been assisting [alt text: Recruitment agencies | Logistics and shipping companies | Accounting and financial services firms | Engineers | Architects | Business leadership and management firms | Building services companies | Professional services firms | B2B Services Businesses] just like [Add business name] simplify marketing complexity and drive growth.

I have pulled together a capabilities and portfolio doc, outlining how we're helped clients.

Mind if I share it with you here?

Hi [Name],

As a key player in the [Recruitment | Logistics and shipping | Accounting and financial services | Engineering | Architecture | Business leadership and management | Building services | Professional services | B2B Services] industry and thought this might be relevant to you.

THiNK Marketing has been assisting businesses like [COMPANY NAME] in overcoming their marketing challenges and achieving growth for nearly ten years. As a specialist B2B marketing agency and [ALT text: an ex-recruiter myself | having been the Head of Marketing Operations for Deloitte], we have a deep understanding of your industry.

I've had a look at [Company Name], and I think we can add value. I understand that we haven't met before, so I'd love to connect and share my thoughts along with some examples of how we've supported similar businesses in the past.

Would you be available for a quick call?

Best regards,
[Your Name]

Network angle
Hello [name],

We are currently putting together a whitepaper on the newest growth strategies of Recruiters. Would have 5-10 minutes this week to chat?


Hi [Name],

During my time as Head of Marketing Operations at Deloitte, I realised that many accounting and professional services firms don't have the resources to tap into their marketing potential.

That's why nearly 10 years ago, I set up, THiNK Marketing, to channel what I'd learned at Deloitte. Specifically, we simplify complexity and drive lasting improvements in marketing and business goals, to deliver innovative strategic and creative solutions for clients.

I'm currently reaching out to accounting and professional services leaders to better understand how current market conditions are impacting their client and marketing decisions.

Would you have 20-30 minutes this week to discuss this?

Best regards,
[Your Name]

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