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Hampton Injury Law PLC is there for you if you have been injured or injured and have not received compensation from your employer. Our prizes are awarded based on your financial situation. This helps our clients find representation regardless of their finances. So call today or contact us through our website to discuss and investigate your workplace accident. You will see the difference that working with knowledgeable and experienced can make!
Hampton Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Treats Union Injury Claims
According to the Hampton Department of Labor and Industry, the state of Hampton has a lower rate of workplace injuries and fatalities than other states. However, accidents and injuries due to hazards still occur in the workplace. There were 42 fatal workplace accidents in the state in 2016, increasing 35% from 2015.
When working in Hampton, it's essential to know that your employer is responsible for preventing accidents and injuries from workplace hazards. To avoid injury from workplace hazards, an employer must understand the safety and other hazards that may exist in the workplace. Then the employer must ensure that their workplace is reasonably safe for the workers. If you have been injured in an accident at work or due to risk at work, you should find out about your compensation options. You may be eligible for employee compensation, and an occupational health and safety lawyer in Hampton can talk to you about your situation today.
What types of workplace hazards typically cause severe injuries and accidents on the job?
According to an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) leaflet, there are generally six categories of occupational hazards that can cause severe injury or illness to employees:
Safety Risks - These can include slip or trip hazards, fall hazards such as poor or no scaffolding, unprotected machinery or faulty machine parts, and electrical hazards such as wiring incorrect or frayed electrical cables.
Biohazards - Employees can be seriously injured by occupational illnesses caused by bacteria, insect bites, mould and other biohazards.
Physical Hazards - In some situations, workers can be injured on the job without being exposed to the hazard. Examples of physical hazards are radiation, sunlight and ultraviolet rays, extreme temperatures, and loud noise.
Ergonomic Risks - These can include any required work element that puts pressure on the body by requiring the worker to be in a specific position. Ergonomic hazards can lead to long-term disability and are often the source of repetitive motion injuries. Examples of tasks in the workplace that present ergonomic risks are, for example, work chairs or poorly seated work chairs.
Chemical Hazards - Anytime an employee's workplace requires contact with solid, liquid or gaseous chemicals; injury can result. Examples of chemical hazards include detergents, paint, welding fumes, propane, flammable chemicals like gasoline and pesticides.
Risks for the organization of work: High workloads and psychological stress can also cause risks in the workplace. The dangers of work organization can vary widely, ranging from the demands of a high workload and disrespect in the workplace to the risks of violence and sexual assault in the workplace.
Seek advice from an occupational health and safety lawyer in Hampton
Hampton workers shouldn't have to worry about exposure to inappropriate hazards in their workplace. However, if workplace hazards result in injury, it's essential to speak with a Hampton workers compensation attorney who can provide you with more information on employee compensation benefits and others. Possible compensation options. Contact Hampton Injury Law PLC for more information on the office's services to employees in Hampton.
Work with an experienced workers compensation lawyer in Hampton
Hampton workers' compensation lawyer Jan Hoen is ready to fight to protect your legal rights. Contact as soon as possible after a workplace injury and let him use his resources and experience to fight for you.
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