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1.4 Skills Votes - Lightening

My thoughts

My comments and rankings below are 100% personal
Skills was one of the most common sections across all CV’s
Separating Skills into Attributes (Soft) and Work Tools (Hard) seems to work very well
Make sure all skills listed can be quantified by experiences shown or qualifications
Ranking for soft skills does not really work in my opinion
Rankings for hard skills is difficult if you do not know the absolute ranking / standards at the work place (you could do your own “relative ranking”)
Design choices. If depends on where you place the skills section.
Main body. (Eg see
@Daniel Moore
). Make it a table or list within a sentence separated by commas
Side column. (Eg.
@Howard Ong
@Emma Kristensen
). Make it a vertical list of words

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Rank Skills Section
Observation,Decision Making,Communication,Multi-tasking
Financial Modelling & Reporting,Data Mining & Analysis,Financial Accounting,Business Valuation,Advanced SAS
Howard Ong
Rank Skills View
Academic Writing,Literary Critiscm,Research,Creative Writing, Editing
Russian, French, Portugese, Spanish
Rick Grimes
Rank Skills View
Analysis of Complex Technical Information, Data base - Analysis, Design, Implimentation,Excellent Problem Solver, Detail Orientated
Project management, HTML, CSS, JavaScript,Bootstrap,User Testing,
Alexader Aronowitz
Rank Skills View
Task Delegation, Creative Thinking, Leadership Experience, Conflict Management, Descision Making
Microsoft Word, Canva, Google Adwords, Adobe Illustrator, Google Analytics, SEO & SEM, HTML & CSS
Emma Kristensen
Rank Skills View
Managing Large Business teams, Developing CRM Systems, General Accounting & Book Keeping, Analytical Project Execution, Dynamic Inclusive Team Member, Methodical Initiative Taker, Initiative Driven Proactive Team Leader,
Microsoft Excel
Jane Aryen
Rank Skills View
Forecast Trends, Controlling Expenses, Organisation Strategies, Manage Team Meetings, Leadership Experience, Managing Databases, Client Meetings, Create Annual Reports
Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Social Media Platforms, Esilaw, FileVine, Adobe Photoshop, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Trello, One-drive, Sharepoint
Kelly Cooper
Rank Skills View
Project Management, Problem Solving,Creativity,Leadership
Cia Rodriguez
Rank Skills View
Matlab,Autocad,Microsoft Office, Solidworks,CNC,Lathes,English,Spanish
Kelly Parkos
Rank Skills View
Team Building, Meeting Deadlines, Punctuality,Goal Setting, Prioritsation, Brainstormimg, Problem Solving, Business Writing
Mia Parker
Rank Skills View
Project Management, Problem Solving, Creativity, Leadership
Isabel Merc
Rank Skills View
Customer Service, Retail Operations, Complaints Resolution, Customer Enquiries
Listening & Communication, Team Collaboration, Problem Solving
Microsoft Office, Piano,
Daniel Moore
Rank Skills View
Interpersonal Skills, Time management, Listening
Writing, Video production, Leadership, Microsoft Office, Science
Tim Carvallo
Rank Skills View
Lorna Alvarda
Rank Skills View
New Business Development,Executive Presentations, Competitive Market Positioning,Account Management,Client Needs Assesment,Contract Negotiation,Business Management,Budgeting & Project Planning
Christian Morisson
Rank Skills View
Project Management, Problem Solving, Creativity,Leadership,Project Management, Problem Solving, Creativity, Leadership
Claudia Elves
Rank Skills View
Content Writing,Content Planning,Graphic Design,Market Strategy, Market Analyse,Marketing Tools, Time Management
Reese Miller
Rank Skills View
Classroom Management, Test Construction, Lesson Planing & Design
Samuel Clinton
Rank Skills View
Cahaya Dewi
Rank Skills View
Toby Smith
Rank Skills View
Rank Skills View
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