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Customer loves the bike with spinning tires
Jaquelyn Doyle
Hi Jaquelyn, thanks for the suggestion! We're not currently working on spinning tires, but we'll let you know if we do in the future!
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Bicycle shipped with 3 tires and was missing 1. Customer wasn't happy!
Leroy Burgess
Leroy, So sorry to hear that. We've shipped your fourth tire...
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Can we buy a bike that is jet-powered?
Emi Callahan
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The seats on your bikes are functional
Minerva Todd
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Customer reported that their bicycle arrived with 5 tires
Vance Stewart
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Loving this new logo!
Barry Burke
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Big problem: customer got a bike with only 1 tire
Steel Rutledge
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Customer got a bike with 6 tires
Kadeem Goff
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I have a customer who wants edible bicycles
Halla Cervantes
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Think you should improve the bike logo on your website
Latifah Cooke
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