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The Austin Wedding (Vendors)

Photography Shot Wishlist

Photographer: Lauren Zavaletta
Wedding Preparations @ Hotel
Invitation suite & accessories (rings, ring box, save the date, invitation, perfumes, dress, veil, shoes, etc.)
Girls getting ready (makeup, PJs, etc.)
Guys getting ready (putting on socks, tying bow ties, Hunter buttoning jacket, etc.)
Bridesmaids first look
Ceremony @ Hoyt Arboretum
Bride & Groom first look @ hoyt arboretum
Photos of empty venue & decor (alter from a distance & close up, welcome sign, card box, programs on benches, guest book tables, beverage tables)
Wedding Party photos - Sarah & Drew wrangle
Pianist (close up of piano being played)
Bride & Groom
Miaya officiating
View from back of pavilion (with guests & arch)
Bride & Groom portraits after ceremony
Family Photos
Mother of the bride
Pam, Hailey
Pam, Hailey, Hunter
Pam, Miaya, Hailey
Pam, Miaya, Hailey, Hunter
Pam, Miaya, Hailey, Hunter, Marin
Father of the bride
Mike, Hailey
Mike, Hunter
Mike, Hailey, Hunter
Mike, Patti, Hailey, Hunter
Mike, Hailey, Miaya
Mike, Hailey, Miaya, Hunter
Mike, Patti, Hailey, Hunter, Miaya, Marin
Mother of the groom
Mary, Hunter
Mary, Tim, Hunter
Mary, Hailey, Hunter
Mary, Tim, Hunter, Hailey, Christina
Father of the groom
Mark, Hunter
Mark, Hailey, Hunter, Renee
Hailey, Sarah, Miaya
Hailey, Sarah, Miaya, Hunter
Hailey, Miaya
Hailey, Miaya, Hunter
Tim, Hunter
Hailey, Tim, Hunter, Christina
People mingling during cocktail hour
People signing guest book
The buses
Reception @ Blockhouse
Photos of empty venue & decor (outside venue, walking through nursery, welcome sign, bar, bar signs, seating chart, table numbers, place settings, table decor, full canopy)
Bride & Groom in garden
Cocktail hour people mingling
Table Dash - Bride & Groom get a photo with each table
Ireland giving speech
Drew giving speech
Dessert table - Cake
First Dance
Father/Daughter Dance
Cake cutting
Bouquet toss
People dancing

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