HA Food Tours

The Best Hanoi Food Tours Team
Though started with the tourism industry by working at a hotel, Mr. Ha – a food lover – with his inherent agility had given up the opportunity of advancement in the field of hospitality to become a foodie tour guide after 5 years managed his hotel.
Mr. Ha and some of his friends together realized the idea of creating an unique tourism products relate with street foods of Hanoi. Their success has contributed to bringing Vietnamese cuisine closer to foreign visitors. Today, has really become famous and known by more and more tourists, Mr. Ha and his friends are also considered to be the first to organize street food tours in Hanoi.
Hanoi has been the capital for more than 1000 years. Thanks for its huge and convenient rivers transportation, the wealthy citadel was always home to aristocrats and very high educated people. This is the reason why Hanoi cuisine is very delicate, and extremely special.
There are many restaurants owned by a family for a long period of time in Hanoi. And they have special recipes with secret ways to cook delicious authentic Hanoian food that you cannot find in anywhere else. The only problem is these restaurants are inside very small alley or on the sidewalk with any advertise banner, and very difficult for foreigner tourists to explore by themselves.
Joining a food tour with local tour guide who know everything about Hanoi city is the best way not only to try authentic Hanoian food but also to come closer to local lifestyle and have a better understand about the 1000 years old city.
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