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GroundOS Docs 2.0
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Draw Mode

Draw Mode allows you to select specific areas rather than entire parcels for your listings. Draw Mode can be used to draw out a parcel(s), and can also be used to draw out Common Land Units(CLU’s) on the following step.
To use Draw Mode, check the white box in the top-right corner of the aerial map during the Select Field or Land Use step of the mapping process. To use Draw Mode on the Select Field step, you must not have a parcel selected/highlighted if you wish to draw a parcel that overlaps that parcel’s boundaries.
Once draw mode is selected, click a point on the map to begin drawing your parcel. Straight lines will connect each subsequent point that is clicked. Use the Delete last point button at the top of the map to delete the last point selected when necessary. Click the first point to complete your drawing. Multiple shapes may be drawn but hey must not overlap.

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