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Decision Making Frameworks
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DACI (Fictiv)

DACI is an acronym, with each letter representing different roles that are assigned to various stakeholders in a project. By applying the DACI framework, you can effectively remove ambiguity as to who is responsible for what and improve your team’s communication, efficiency and velocity through projects.


The driver is the person who leads a project from start to completion. They may not necessarily be doing all of the work, but it’s their job to oversee the project from start to completion.


The approver is the person (or persons) who has approval and veto power over a given project.

Consulted / Contributor

These are the experts the Driver will include and call upon to lend their perspectives, which will help to inform the Driver’s decisions.


The Informed are those people who want/need to be informed about the progress of the project, but don’t have any authority to affect the course of the project.

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