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Decision Making Frameworks
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Described as a “sense making device” this framework is designed to help you navigate different types of problems and arrive at the right method of decision-making. You can use the framework any time you need to categorize a problem or decision and figure out the appropriate response. (
Here's a set of questions that can also help point you to the right domain:
Do you know what causes the situation?
Is the situation under control?
How much do you know about it?
Does solving it require expert knowledge?
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There are 5 types of problem-types according to this framework
Obvious: Situations you’ve seen before, and for which you have best practices
Complicated: Situations in which you don’t know what’s happening, but you possess the skills necessary to analyze the situation and figure out what must be done
Complex: The situation cannot be understood by analysis because we don't yet know enough about it. It's not clear what needs to be answered in the first place. There are “unknown unknowns”
Chaotic: The environment is unstable and you must act quickly
Disorder: This domain describes any situation in which you are unable to determine the nature of the environment
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