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How does an assisted living differ from a nursing home?

Caring for one’s aged parents might often turn out to be challenging. This may either result from being busy with career or other activities or simply not having adequate provisions at home to provide the necessary care. Thankfully, assisted living communities and nursing homes provide effective solutions. Although the two might sound similar and often confused, they differ in several ways. Understanding the difference and similarities between nursing homes and assisted living communities in Utah would help you choose the right place for your parent.
What are the key differences between nursing homes and assisted living communities?
Typically, a nursing home is more of a clinical facility compared to an assisted living community. Two of the prime differences between them are:
Medical assistance
Nursing homes are typically meant for the older people who require constant medical attention or may potentially face a medical emergency at any time. Typically, the seniors suffering from age-related health issues like dementia stay in nursing homes as they wouldn’t be able to function independently. Nursing homes offer round-the-clock medical services, including monitoring, toileting, breathing assistance, skilled nursing care, etc.
On the other hand, the are more suitable for older people who are not suffering from any critical ailment but still require a certain level of assistance. The residents of assisted living communities lead a relatively more independent life. However, they receive help with certain day-to-day activities such as cleaning, bathing, grooming, medication, etc. In other words, a nursing home focuses on medical care and attention. On the other hand, an assisted living facility emphasizes helping the residents enjoy a quality and independent lifestyle.
As nursing homes are meant to offer medical care and attention, they come with a clinical environment. Constant attention from the nurses, medical equipment, hospital beds, etc., often creates an ambiance similar to that of a hospital. Some nursing homes, however, provide community activities and entertainment amenities too.
An assisted living community is also known as a retirement home and offers a homely environment. The residents enjoy the freedom to customize their living spaces as per their tastes. They can socialize with each other and enjoy their leisure hours more freely. The residents get to enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor activities too.
Thus, whether you should send your parent to a nursing home or a retirement home depends on the extent of medical attention they need.
What about the seniors who do not require any assistance?
Alongside assisted living, facilities for are also available in the leading retirement homes. Assisted living and independent living communities are quite close in terms of the environment they offer. However, a few key differences distinguish them from each other.
Independent living does not involve any support with day-to-day activities, unlike assisted living. However, these communities remain ready to respond quickly in case of medical emergencies.
In case of assisted living, many of the amenities needed by the residents lie in the residential buildings themselves. On the contrary, an independent living community may be more spread out as the residents can move around by themselves.
In terms of costs, independent living in Utah County is usually cheaper than assisted living. This is because the costs of assisted living include additional support and services.
Unless your parents require constant medical attention, arranging a retirement home for them is advisable rather than a nursing home. Living in a decent retirement home like Summerfield would enable them to enjoy a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

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