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Track what you eat with MyFitnessPal

🤔 What is it?
An app to track your diet and exercise habits.
🤩 Why is it so popular?
You can easily track your daily calories by simply typing the dish/food you’re eating and let MyFitnessPal do the rest. Their directory stores millions of different types of foods and dishes so that tracking that keto diet you’ve been on becomes super easy.
😎 A cool feature
The premium version has a food analysis feature which examines the foods you've logged and reports back the best and worst ones.
🧐 Who uses it?
People looking to track their calories to lose/gain weight.
🏡 Where can I find it?
is available for download on your or .
💬 Impress the millennials with these lines
“MyFitnessPal shows that I still have 140 calories remaining for the day”
“As long as it fits my macros, I’ll eat it”
“I’m a MyFitnessPal addict, I scan literally everything I pick up at the supermarket”
“MyFitnessPal notifications keep me swole”

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