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Grandmoms Can Zoom

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Read daily news with Morning Brew

🤔 What is it?
A daily email summarizing the best business news on the internet.
🤩 Why is it so popular?
Morning Brew breaks down complex information from the business world into easy-to-understand concepts. Their tone of voice is crisp and funny, meaning you get the most important news of the day in under 5 minutes.
😎 A cool feature
Look out for their quirky coffee-themed news sections.
🧐 Who uses it?
2 million people looking for a quick news fix, sans the jargon.
🏡 Where can I find it?
Subscribe to .
💬 Impress the millennials with these lines
“Here’s how I start my day: the Morning Brew and an espresso”
“Have you heard from the Brew Crew today?”

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