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Grandmoms Can Zoom

Learn anything online with Udemy

🤔 What is it?
An online learning platform where you can take short courses on subjects ranging from business, design, IT & Software, and personal development.

🤩 Why is it so popular?
Gone are the days where you needed to be physically present in a classroom. With Udemy, you can take courses taught by experienced professionals completely online and at your own pace.

😎 A cool feature
Udemy has a classroom discussion feature where you can interact with others in the same course.

🧐 Who uses it?
Anyone looking to pick up a new skill.

🏡 Where can I find it?
is available on the
, your or .

💬 Impress the millennials with these lines
“Why go to college? A few Udemy courses and you’re set”
“My bookclub all learnt how to play an instrument on Udemy, and now...we have a band”
“After watching her Netflix series, I went online and took Marie Kondo’s Udemy course”

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