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Find "the one" with Tinder

🤔 What is it?
Tinder is a cultural revolution disguised as a dating app. Gone are the days where you walked up to a cute girl and awkwardly flirted your way into her phonebook. Now you just browse singles in your vicinity, you swipe, you match, you chat and then you meet.

🤩 Why is it so popular?
Tinder turned dating into a fast, fun game. You left swipe if you dislike someone. Right swipe if you like someone. If someone right swipes you as well, you have a match, and are allowed to chat. Originally, it gained notoriety as a hook-up app (🙊) but more and more people now use it to find long-term partners (💓).

😎 A cool feature
With Tinder Passport, you can browse and match with anyone across the globe.

🧐 Who uses it?
Any and all in search of love.

🏡 Where can I find it?
Tinder is available for download on your or .

💬 Impress the millennials with these lines
“Oh Maxx? I matched with him on Tinder last week”
“I’m very picky, so I left swipe most people”
“I’m all out of super likes for today so I got Tinder premium”
“They both swiped right, and now, here they are at the altar”

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