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Ditch hotels with Airbnb

🤔 What is it?
Airbnb allows you to explore and book cozy properties in cities around the world, so you can ditch the hotel room and feel like you belong to the city you’re visiting.

🤩 Why is it so popular?
Hotels are usually in central business or commercial districts, where it’s hard to capture the essence of the city you’re visiting. With Airbnb, you can live in real neighbourhoods and experience life as a local would. Your stay can last for either a few days or even months - you decide! And in most cases, it's also cheaper.

😎 A cool feature
You can find some really unique properties on Airbnb, like overlooking the Duomo of Florence or this outside of Paris.

🧐 Who uses it?
All types of travellers, from backpackers to big spenders.

🏡 Where can I find it?
can be found on the
, , or .

💬 Impress the millennials with these lines
“Let’s Airbnb this summer when we’re in Edinburgh”
“I have more properties bookmarked on Airbnb than actual holidays planned”
“Did you know you could book an entire castle on Airbnb?”

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