Diesel Fuel Additives for Winter

Do you have varnish or algae in your fuel tank?
When most people think of Arizona, they do not think of snow or cold temperatures. However, Arizona is home to many types of climates and can be freezing depending on where you live/are visiting. Considering this, it is important to know when you need to protect your machine against freezing temperatures; especially if you plan to be in an area that can freeze overnight.
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What happens to diesel fuel when the weather gets too cold outside?
Diesel fuel starts solidifying at cold temperatures, and the colder it is the more extreme the problem can become. At 32 degrees F. (the freezing point of water) diesel fuel DOES start crystallizing. Crystalized diesel fuel isn’t solid, it’s just a little thicker than it should be. That means that it will make it harder for the engine to start or to run. When the temperature drops down between 15 and 10 degrees F. the diesel fuel changes from a liquid into a gel. Diesel fuel gelling happens when the paraffin wax in the fuel thickens and turns into a cloudy gelatin. Depending on the type of fuel you’re using, this can happen around 32 degrees, which is a much more common temperature in the Southwest than 15 degrees F.
How do you know if your diesel fuel is at risk of crystalizing or gelling?
If you’re going to be in colder climates with diesel storage tanks, vehicles, diesel generators or heavy equipment, there are a few ways you can guess if freezing is going to be a problem from day-to-day:
If you can see your breath in the morning, (45 degrees and under)
If your windshield is frosted over (32 degrees)
If the engine struggles to start
If you notice a drop in fuel pressure
If you experience sluggish motor performance
If you experience problems accelerating
What can you do to prevent diesel fuel crystallization and gelling?
Senergy has been providing customers all over Arizona with the product they need for 80 years. We have seen almost everything and know what type of products will work with your machines and environment. If you have any questions, concerns, or need suggestions on a product, we have a dedicated team that is ready to take your call.
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