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Power your business with the new Pack ecosystem.

A marketplace for selling the Packs you create, extended access to Packs for your plan, and endless ways to customize.
At Coda, we build building blocks—that is, we equip you with the tools you need to create, customize, and solve problems in your docs.
When we first launched Packs in 2018, they were building blocks that integrated third-party apps into Coda. They sent Gmails from your tables at the touch of a button, synced data through Salesforce, and automated messages through Twilio. Centralizing core toolkits into a unified workspace was a huge success, but it was just the tip of the iceberg for what Packs could unlock. And there was a barrier to Pack growth: only Coda could make them.
After seeing all the ways our makers wanted to extend the power of their docs, we set out to empower the Coda community even more. This mission gave us new goals:
Provide Packs that solve new problems. More than just integrations, Packs can be custom formulas, visuals, tables, and beyond, letting makers find solutions without ever leaving Coda.
Create a space where anyone——could build a Pack for themselves or their team.
Allow Pack makers to build a business on Coda by monetizing the innovative solutions they build.
We’re thrilled to announce that get us there. Read on to see how doc makers and Pack makers alike benefit from the new launches in our community-driven tool.

Accessing more Packs brings new ways for endless customization.

No two teams function the same. Coda gives you the flexibility to build a workspace that works for you. We’ve created a doc as powerful as an app, where you can sync all your tools and info, then build custom automations to connect it all.
To further this flexibility, we’ve added a suite of carefully-selected Packs for team and enterprise plans. Expanded access to Packs means more connections to apps, data sources, and custom solutions to your workspace—at no extra charge.
For any Packs outside of your plan, 14-day free trials grant the time and flexibility to test if they’re right for your team and only pay for what your team needs. Here are a few of the Packs available to try:
1st Party.png
Most marketplaces restrict this access to paid accounts, but we know that the next great innovation could come from anyone in your organization. We’re inviting anyone on your team to experiment, create, and test solutions without fear—and without ever leaving Coda.
The Packs we’ve included in each plan are curated just for your needs based on their quality, usage, and supporting docs. That also means that as new, community-generated Packs hit the Gallery, ones with noteworthy usage will join these plans.
When you’re able to optimize your workspace, you can focus your time and resources on what’s important: growing your business and increasing productivity.

Turn your innovative solutions into consistent revenue by selling to the Gallery.

A key principle in our decision-making is to empower makers to build businesses in a way that makes sense to them. For the Pack ecosystem, that means granting Pack makers the autonomy to be in charge of your pricing, your content, and your release cycles.
We’ve rounded out the start-to-finish Pack pipeline by opening up the ability for Pack makers to publish and sell subscriptions to their Packs in the Gallery. There, your work can power millions of makers across more than 25,000+ teams, including Fortune 500 companies.
Now anyone can create a custom Pack, release it to the community, make recurring revenue, earn even more through the affiliate program, and track successes along the way with publishing stats. We opted to provide all the resources we use internally to drive successful Packs, so anyone can build, publish, promote, and manage work the same way we do. Here are some of the Packs the community is monetizing today:
3rd Party_2.png
Here’s how the ecosystem works:
The Pack Studio allows anyone to build a Pack through our web-based editor (no downloads or messy setup required!) or through a developer-friendly command line interface (CLI).
Once a new Pack is ready, makers can publish and sell it in the Gallery. The contains hundreds of helpful Packs organized by use case so they’re easy for our community find, sort, and subscribe to. Simply publish your Pack through the Pack Studio’s listing section, set your subscription price, and connect to Stripe to collect your earnings.
The affiliate program pays you for promoting your docs and Packs by for referrals and usage. That means you can get a 20% revenue share on any paid sign ups just by posting your own content!
Publishing statistics allow you to manage, analyze, and optimize the performance of everything you’ve published. This dashboard makes it simple to track what’s working (and what’s not) so that you can create the most lucrative Packs.
Crafting useful Packs elevates the Coda experience for everyone, and you deserve to earn on your innovation. We’ve already seen Pack makers like transform a hobby into their primary source of income.

A community-driven ecosystem lets you shape your software.

Most SaaS companies provide a solution. But we’re letting you take control in shaping Coda, blurring the line between product and community. When growth like this is driven by and for our makers, everyone wins.
There’s no one better suited than our own community to find, understand, and solve problems creatively. More Pack makers means that niche tools, apps, and use cases—like ones listed among our —can be addressed quickly and efficiently. And as more Packs enter the marketplace, it ensures the highest-quality solutions for teams to use.
In the short time that Pack Studio has been available, hundreds of new Packs have entered the Gallery. We’ve already seen some serious magic:
Teams can integrate deeply with Packs like . Pack maker used insights from other makers in the community to craft this Pack with serious attention to detail—it contains nearly 50 individual building blocks to help teams manage their bookkeeping where they manage their business.
Customization brings creativity, as you can see in the Pack that turns formulas into beautiful flowcharts.
Anyone can become a Pack maker, including a ! New Pack makers have joined the community of thousands overnight during the .
You’ll never outgrow Coda because there are no set bounds for what the tool can be. Access to more Packs raises the bar on what you can accomplish in a doc, and maker-generated Packs bring more opportunities for growth. The keys are yours to build powerful docs and your own building blocks.
Ready to see what you can unlock with Coda?

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