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ASSIGNMENT 02: Small scene



Create a realistic small scene in UE5 using online assets (or self-made) and baked lighting.


Beauty,detail and realism

The scene looks and feels realistic.
TIP: Look at real life references and works on Artstation.
→ Analyse how they implemented realism into their work (Lighting, color grading, etc..)


Good framing and composition of the main shot.


There can be no scene without lights. Light bake has no visible artifacts and is rendered out cleanly. All lights are baked.
Remember: less is more.


The project is presented in a professional matter with a logical sequence of shots.

Required assets.

All Your lights needs to be baked, unless you have a grounded reason to use movable lights.


This assignment accounts for the 20% of the total grade.

We do not assess


This doesn’t mean you can exaggerate, but use as many polygons as needeed to create a realisstic scene. We’ll go more in depth on this later with LOD’s.


It’s not part of the criteria to make the scene run smoothly but keep it reasonable. Again the principles from previous courses still apply.

What we expect

An UE5 scene that shows nice baked lighting and realism. All light needs to be baked, no exceptions. You are not allowed to use PathTracing. The more your beautyshot looks like a real picture, the better.


Deadline is on 31st of march at 10PM.


Start from a concept or picture and a painting that you like. You don’t have to make this concept yourself, but credit the author when posting on your portfolio.
Don’t stay in the blockout phase too long, quickly start throwing in online/Megascans assets.
Keep asking yourself if the scene looks realistic, keep checking photo ref.
Stay with your 1 shot. Don’t move the camera around.
Try to do as much post-process work in your post-process volume as you can and not in Photoshop.
Light is SUPER important.


You also hand in a .ZIP file called of the following on Leho:
Beauty shots called LD_Last_Name_First_Name_XX.
A clay render of your main shot (use detail lighting as a render mode in Unreal) called LD_Last_Name_First_Name_Clay. This is a still, not a video.
A wireframe render of your main shot (use wireframe as a render mode in Unreal) called LD_Last_Name_First_Name_WireFrame.
Reference collaged into 1 picture called LD_Last_Name_First_Name_Ref (You can export such pictures directly from PureRef)
Hand in a link to your Artstation post.
A link to your OneDrive zip.
Please don't put things in separate folders. All pictures in 1 folder.
Hand in your Unreal Project through a OneDrive link like this:
A .zip called
For example:
You can hand in your Unreal Project after the deadline. Most important is your Artstation post and pictures.
If you have ANY question, or just want feedback, reach out to us through mail.
Asking for and applying feedback regularly is a sure way to pass Environments 2.

Hand-in details are the same as the Ruins

Good luck!

Examples last year ​


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