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ASSIGNMENT 01: Ruins assignment OR Testerep



Create a photorealistic shot in Unreal Engine 5 using online assets and dynamic lighting.


Beauty,detail and realism

The scene looks and feels realistic, or works very well in a next gen setting.
TIP: Look at real life references and works on Artstation.
→ Analyse how they implemented realism into their work (Lighting, color grading, etc..)


Good framing and composition of the main shot. Look at examples (movies, games) how they used certain composition principles.


There can be no scene without lights. Use them to accentuate the right parts and make the composition/story stronger. All lights are dynamic.
Remember: less is more.

Required assets

Your scene needs to contain at least one plant you made yourself.


This assignment accounts for the 25% of the total grade.

We do not assess


This doesn’t mean you can exaggerate, but use as many polygons as needeed to create a realisstic scene. We’ll go more in depth on this later with LOD’s.


It’s not part of the criteria to make the scene run smoothly but keep it reasonable. Again the principles from previous courses still apply.

What we expect

An UE5 scene built around a single camera standpoint that contains at least 1 self-made bush, fern, etc. and a ruin like structure. All light needs to be dynamic, no exceptions.


Deadline is on 10th of march at 10PM.


Start from a concept or picture and a painting that you like. You don’t have to make this concept yourself, but credit the author when posting on your portfolio.
Work incrementally, don’t just finish one part and move to the next. Work with placeholders until your scene is completely fixed and the lighting works.
Keep asking yourself if the scene looks realistic, keep checking photo ref.
Stay with your 1 shot. Don’t move the camera around.
Try to do as much post-process work in your post-process volume as you can and not in Photoshop.
Light is SUPER important.


Hand in a link to your Artstation post.

You also hand in a .ZIP file called of the following on Leho:
Beauty shots called LD_Last_Name_First_Name_XX
Reference collaged into 1 picture called LD_Last_Name_First_Name_Ref (You can export such pictures directly from PureRef)
A closer screenshot of your Plant in your scene called LD_Last_Name_First_Name_Asset_XX
A link to your OneDrive zip.

Please don't put things in separate folders. All pictures in 1 folder.
Hand in your Unreal Project through a OneDrive link like this:
A .zip called
For example:

You can hand in your Unreal Project after the deadline. Most important is your Artstation post and pictures.

If you have ANY question, or just want feedback, reach out to us through mail.
Asking for and applying feedback regularly is a sure way to pass Environments 2.



The Testerep project is studying the evolution and eventual collapse of the previous 5000 years of the Testerep peninsula. Scientists are using existing data and combining this with newly acquired data from land-sea analyses. A big part of this project is communicating and informing the public of this history, part of this communication is the making of accompanying visuals and displaying them at multiple expositions. ​For more information got to Testerep website:
A part of the Testerep project is an exposition in the Venetiaanse gaanderijen that will be held early 2025.
The theme of this exposition will be Oostende and the impact of the heavy storms that have ravaged the city throughout history.
The plan is to display the results of this assignment in this exposition. Some images:
Hand-in details are the same as the Ruins

Good luck!

Examples last year ​



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