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Gaten Bourque
Technology is a broad term that refers to how and why a species uses tools and crafts, as well as how that affects its ability to control and change its environment. It is a result of science and engineering in human society, but there have been other technological advances before science and engineering. It's hard to give a clear definition of "technology": It can mean things that are useful to people, like machines, tools, or utensils, but it can also mean bigger things, like systems, ways of organizing, and techniques. "Construction technology," "medical technology," and "state-of-the-art technology" are all examples from of broad uses of the word "technology."
Technology has changed people's lives and the world around them in many ways. In many societies, technology has helped create a leisure class and a more advanced economy, such as the global economy we have today. Many technological processes make pollution, which are unwanted byproducts, and use up natural resources, which is bad for the Earth and its environment. Different ways that technology is used affect a society's values, and new technology often brings up new ethical questions. For example, the idea of efficiency, which was once only used to describe machines, is now used to describe how productive people are. Also, traditional norms are being questioned.
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