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Webdesign in a CMS

Self study

Webdesign in a CMS

What is a CMS?

A CMS or content management system is a computer software used to manage the creation and modification of digital content. - Wikipedia

A CMS is a smart and efficient way to manage website content that needs to be updated or renewed on a frequent basis and is often used on websites with a lot of content. You have most likely already browsed websites with a CMS. Some examples are:
a news site
a blog
a webshop

In this class we are going to focus on CMS for web and in particular with
is gaining a lot of popularity and becoming also a voice in terms of design in the industry. Apart from their amazing platform they also provide a lot of very useful design resources on their website.

Sign up to Webflow and go through the “3 sections to complete”

Screenshot 2021-09-23 at 15.07.57.png
Make sure to follow along through all the steps to familiarise yourself with the software at a glance.

Follow the Webflow 101 crash course course

Make sure to have watched it so you understand the basic fundaments of the software. You don’t have to be able to repeat everything and all the steps. It is more for you to have an understanding of the navigation and logic.


For the class, I can highly recommend to have a second device or tab open with the instruction page of
Setting up a CMS in Webflow.

We will go through it step by step, but it is also a great fall back in case you miss something. Don’t worry we will, just like in the other classes, have different groups and I will circle through them in case there are any questions.

Also make sure you have an
so all you need to do is
sign in
during the class.
In case you want to have more then
1 project
, you’ll need a payed plan (they just changed this) so make sure you have an account that is still empty or are willing to subscribe.

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