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Artist, Title followed by (detail) if applicable, date in roman, medium in roman, dimensions in roman. Courtesy: the artist, Gallery name, location
ex: Cecilia Vicuña, Pa la brarma / Palabrarma, 1974/2016, screenprint, 44 × 69 cm. Courtesy: the artist, Lehmann Maupin, New York/Hong Kong/Seoul/London
If it is an article on a single artist and all the images have come from the same gallery, they are credited just once on the opening spread: e.g., 'All images courtesy: Lisson Gallery, London'.
If there are several different galleries involved, then each image will be given a courtesy.
Where courtesies/credits contain a slash, there should be no spaces on either side of the slash.

MAIN IMAGE/ THUMBNAIL if different from main image:

They are captioned in italics at the end of the article (not in the footnotes!), before the contributors list
Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 14.58.06.png

A guide to different caption formats:
Exhibition view of a solo show:
Artist name, ‘Exhibition Title (if applicable)’, year, exhibition view (ex: Terre Thaemlitz, ‘Interstices’, 2017, exhibition view; Claudette Johnson, 2017, exhibition view)
Exhibition view of a group show:
‘Exhibition Title’, year, exhibition view (ex: ‘Art and Space’, 2017–18, exhibition view)
If a work is illustrated in context:
Artist name, Title, year, installation view [no medium or dimensions] (ex: Margherita Raso, Piercing, 2017, installation view)
If a detail of a work is illustrated:
Artist name, Title (detail), year, medium, dimensions (ex: Tatsuo Ikeda, Behind the Flame (detail), 1958, pen, ink and watercolour on paper, 26 × 36 cm)
Reviews of shows/events across multiple locations should specify the gallery and city in the caption:
(ex: Ryoji Ikeda, Test Pattern, 2017, installation view, La Villette, Paris; Georgia Gardner Gray, Bad Habits, 2017, oil on canvas, 50 × 70 cm, Bodega, New York)
If a work belongs to a series, only note the series date if it differs from that of the represented work:
Ana Mendieta, Untitled, 1976, from the 'Silueta' series, 1973–80, photograph, 34 × 51 cm

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