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We're college buddies who wanted to make a difference. After a few side projects and even starting a non-profit together, we got featured in some big media outlets. the tech whiz (Google) and the business guy (FinMango). Now we're all about building Fresho! 🚀


Google Ads are expensive, time-consuming, and often wasteful.
Third-party cookies are being phased out.


Ads on autopilot. Fresho uses AI to automatically create, optimize, and personalize ads for all your products — without the use of third party cookies.

How It Works

Connect with Shopify and Google Ads.
Quickly create and deploy ads in one click.
Coming soon: Auto Ads Feature. Imagine being able to select which products to automatically create ads for, and monthly updates to your ads by dropping the worst performing one and replacing it with a new one. Additionally, we’ll be adding the feature to personalize your ads without the use of third party cookies.

Market Size

The worldwide retail eCommerce sales market generates .
E-Commerce businesses spend on digital marketing.
In 2021, worldwide digital advertising spend .
consumers completed at least one purchase online in 2023.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Businesses with 1k+ / month ad spend.


2 paying customers at $99 / month
FinMango and PuffWorks
Adding Getaway Sticks and TopNote Tonic soon.
25+ more brands on the waitlist.

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