What is Frase

AI Content That Doesn't Break the Internet.

Attention: Content Marketers, Writers, SEO Experts, Bloggers, Anyone Who Creates Quality Content.

(AI isn't going to take your job - But it's going to make your life easier!)

Did you know: 100% generated AI content can do more harm than good and not just for your search engine rankings.
But it can help you publish better content in less time and for less money? If you want to make good quality human-readable content that ranks in minutes.
You still require to do some work!
The good news is, you can use to do the heavy lifting for you.

What is

Frase is NOT an article spinner or rewriter. (Though it can help overcome writer's block with their rewrite & paraphrasing tools)
Frase is NOT an SEO search volume tool like (SEMrush, ahrefs, MOZ) it's a lot more...
Frase is NOT a silver bullet to 100% automated content creation (You would be silly to think that is a viable option)
Frase is NOT a Plagiarism or content copy tool. (It is an AI-assisted content optimisation and research tool that will save you a tonne of time and money producing high-quality plagiarism-free content)

Frase is a SHORTCUT!

This tool is not a one-click AI-Powered Content Creation Generator. Still, it will definitely make your life easier and assist you in creating the Perfect Content with the correct user intent that search engines and humans will love in less time.
Frase gives you the tools and strategies you need in one convenient spot to create content your reader will enjoy and come back for more.
Getting you more clicks, making more sales, and getting more subscribers... no matter what you're writing or who you are writing for!
If you've ever been frustrated at the time, it takes to research SERP results, competitors websites, blog posts, or maybe sit staring at a blank screen with writer's block. It's not your fault, don't feel bad you're not alone, well that is till now!
Frase Makes Content Research Fast, Easy and Simple... No Matter What Your Current Skill Level.


(Your Perfect AI Content Researcher, Topic Analyst, SEO Expert and Writing Assistant)

Speed up your content creation process by up to 400% with an AI-powered content assistant.

You can now spend less time researching and producing original content that readers will enjoy, no matter what you publish.
Whether it's articles for top publication websites, company website posts, personal blog sites, corporate white papers, in-depth guides and tutorials.
Even if you are not familiar or new to a topic, you can now cut your research time to a minimum and get a greater understanding faster, which means you can spend more time focused on writing meaning you can create higher quality content and save time on your entire content workflow.

Don't rely on intuition.

Have you ever skipped brainstorming and thought, I'm going to wing it, I know this topic like the back of my hand, I've got all the possible keywords from SEMrush, I know what people are searching for?
But you also know planning is the key and If you are anything like me, you find the whole content strategy process tedious, time-consuming, and, at best, you get distracted.
When you start researching a topic, you start strong. You say to yourself. I have to get this done!
Then an hour passed, and you have a handful of headlines and notes. You have 30 browser tabs open.
Bam, you've just realised you've spent the last 20 minutes on Facebook, watching youtube videos or got sidetracked with an email that came through.

How To Do Content Research In As Little As 10 Minutes.

All you need is 1-5 keywords or phrases for your topic, and Frase will process the top 20 search results from Google for those keywords or phrases, and you will have everything you need to get started.
From keyword to Outline in 2 minutes With Automated Outlines:
Within 2 minutes, you can view all your competitors' headlines and content snippets from the top 20 search results. So you don't have to spend hours brainstorming topic ideas for your content outline, meaning you can focus on writing.
The Average Word Count
Headers (H2, H3, H4, Questions, Long-Tail)
Domain Authority
Related & News

Create Content briefs anyone can follow in minutes:

Are you tired of spending time writing or explaining to your in-house writers or freelancers content briefs?
With Automated Content Briefs, you can automatically generate detailed outlines and briefs. Which means you don't need to spend hours reviewing and editing their final draft copy, meaning you have more time to focus on growing your business.
Guidelines (High-level goals and guidelines)
People Also Ask (Related questions asked on Google)
SERP (Search results with title & description)
Topics (Top 20 topics across search results)
Topic Clusters (Topics organised in clusters)
Headers (Relevant headers across search results)
Questions (Relevant questions across search results)
Statistics (Factual sentences across search results)
Hyperlinks (Pages that search results link to)
Custom Templates (Create custom brief templates)
AI-Generated Drafts (Rewrite competitors content, Summarise competitors content, Write new AI content)

Definition, History, & Facts with Wikipedia

If you need to dig a little deeper, search Wikipedia inside the same interface, create content maps and power the AI writing feature with background information from Wikipedia.

4 Fast Ways To See The Questions People Are Asking Online

You don't need to search multiple sites to find the questions people ask. You can now see all the questions and answers people are asking, meaning you have the best user intent in mind to skyrocket your search ranking.
SERP (Competitors Content)
People Also Ask (Google Search Results)
Quora (Questions people are asking on Quora)
Reddit (Question people as on Reddit)

Discover the Keywords Competitors Use To Rank

Content Scoring: Frase creates a list of related topics and the recommended number of mentions per topic which means you can write the most relevant content that readers and search engines love.

Goodbye Writer's Block, Hello Write For Me!

Have you ever sat staring at the screen trying to think of the next thing to write? Or maybe you've asked someone why they haven't finished that post yet?
Improve the quality of your content with automatic passage paraphrases and rewrites. Which means you can write better articles that are original, unique, engaging, and informative, meaning you'll never get writer's block again.
Write FAQ

The Google Search Console Secrets You're Not Supposed To Know

Google Search Console Integration Tell you what pages are slipping in the rankings and require refreshing. High-growth keywords that are not ranked yet. Automatically cluster your keywords to inform your keyword strategy process. Find Low-hanging Keywords in Minutes.

Content Analytics

Find the topics you should write about. It also helps you find out what keywords you should use. You can see how much traffic each keyword gets and help you find out what topics people are searching for, which means you know what kind of content to create, which makes SEO easier because you know what to do

The Ultimate AI Content Template Tool For A Perfect Post

Generate controlled outputs like blog intro, high-converting content formulas, FAQ's, etc. Automatic, The templates are easy to create, which mean you can produce quality and consistent content easily and fast.

And That's Not Even HALF What You'll Get.

Share Documents Easily - Docs can be edited without requiring a seat.
Editable links allow you to send documents to other editors.
Team Project Folders - Create folders for each client or project you work on. This makes it easier to find files later.
Use tags to organise your files. You can use keywords to help you find files.
Answer Bot to deliver real-time answers to customers.
Free AI Writing Tools
Integrates directly with Google Docs & WordPress
Chrome Extension

Not Sure How You'd Use Frase To Grow Your Company?

If you're like me and dread writing and doing topic research, this is the tool for you. But it's not just for content creators. It's for any business owner who has an online presence.
Content Marketers & Marketing Agencies
Content Managers & Strategists
Writers & Editors
Government Agency

Everyone Loves Free AI Tools

Free Paraphrasing Tool

The paraphrase tool allows you to rewrite unlimited paragraphs with only two clicks, which means you can create original sentences using other people's words and overcome writer's block. It's 100% unique and plagiarism-free.

Free Paragraph Rewriter Tool

Paragraph Rewriter turns any piece of text into an original paragraph. It's 100% unique and plagiarism-free.

Free Sentence Rewriter

Our tool makes sure that you're writing original content. We rewrite sentences, paragraphs, and articles.

The #1 Rated AI Software on Capterra

Hundreds of Frase customers reviewed Frase with an avg. rating of 4.8/5

But Don't Just Take My Word For It… Check Out What Frase Is Already Doing For Others Just Like You!

This AI Content Tool Will Make A Huge Difference In Your Content Writing… Fast!

Frase FAQ

What is the SEO Add-on?

The SEO addon cost an additional $35/mo. Still, it is worth every cent for the extra features you get. Like the AI Writer (Unlimited), Backlink and Domain Authority data for the search result and Multi-query and Multi-domain documents.

What is Frase answer bot?

What are Frase's cancellation and refund policy?

If you're trialling Frase, you can cancel your subscription during the 7-day trial period. If you cancel your subscription within seven days after your trial ends, they'll refund your subscription.

Does Frase use GPT-3?

Many other AI Writing on the market tool uses a language model called GPT-3. Frase, however, uses GPT-J, and I believe the dataset they are building as more users use the tool. There are benefits to using GPT-J over GPT -3's base training was completed at the end of 2019, which means that it can't write intelligently about anything that happened after January 1st, 2020. Frase can write about anything up until the present day.

Is the content editor hard to use?

Their content editor has all the features of the top word processor. Which means you can copy and paste into any CMS without having to reformat it all again.
Edit & style text (Paragraphs, Headers, Colours, Highlight)
Bullet List, Quotes, Indent, Alignment, Tables & More
Add Images & Videos
Drag & Drop Features

Frase Tips

Setting Expectations
It usually produces exceptionally high-quality content but occasionally goes off the rails. Don't be alarmed; this is common and largely preventable.
High-quality output from an AI depends greatly on giving the AI writer good context for what you want them to produce. We'll cover this process in depth in the following lessons.
You must remember that Frases' AI Writer does not produce ready-to-publishing content automatically. Instead, think about it like an idea generator that helps you develop ideas for content, write articles, blog posts, etc., and gets you out of writer's block.
It takes some time for the AI writer to get used to writing articles, but it'll become an indispensable part of your workflow once you've trained it.

AI Content FAQ

Why Is it Important to Humanise AI-Generated Content?
AI-generated content is no replacement for written content. It is all about trust. AI still can't act unsupervised and isn't perfect, and as Google states in their guidelines, you will do no favours if you're trying to rank that content.
Can Google detect AI-generated content?
The short answer is yes, but you shouldn't worry about whether search engines detect AI-generated content. It should be whether your readers can notice it, and that is probably more than likely going to be a big YES. It would be best if you used AI content tools as an aid in creating content and not a silver bullet.
What is paraphrasing?
Paraphrasing means rewording something without losing the meaning of the source material. The paraphrase tool helps you reduce paragraphs size by scanning through the text and removing unnecessary wording.
What is a sentence rewriter?
A sentence rewriter, or paraphrasing tool, is a program that changes sentences automatically. Rewriting sentences can help you make your writing clearer and more effective.
What is a paragraph rewriter?
A paragraph rewriter is an automatic paragraph spinner, article paraphrasing tool or text rewriting tool. It is a tool that works by scanning through the paragraph and replacing instances of certain words or phrases with synonyms.

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