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Hi there
I came across something I thought you might find interesting and worth featuring.
It’s a ChatGPT extension called "MERLIN". In the last 100 days itself, it has grown to almost 600K+ users and became the largest AI powered extension from India!
Marketers, Developers, Students, College teachers are all using Merlin to bring AI into their day-to-day life.
Specifically, Merlin offers 4 amazing benefits:
It provides a ChatGPT answer on all Google Searches
It gives summaries of Youtube videos like podcasts, lectures, informational videos
Get summaries of blogs on Substack, Medium, etc
It provides a Command Bar using which you can get ChatGPT and GPT-4 response on all websites!
What struck me the most was that they offer GPT-4 in their free plan itself! Something that even ChatGPT themselves are not doing. And their product integrations, like their YouTube summary features, is a life saver for students and anyone who uses YouTube for education or infotainment.
Plus, they are the most compelling extension also because they are competing with various others tools like Jaspers, which literally charges 20 times more money per word than Merlin!
I have already seen Merlin being covered by , and many more. You should try definitely try it for yourself.

Detailed visuals of how the product works:

Merlin provides ChatGPT responses right within Google search results. It's fast, easy, and saves you time by offering short and simple answers to your queries, without requiring you to visit multiple websites or login to ChatGPT repeatedly.
YouTube summarizer is one of the most loved features of Merlin. Working professionals and students use it to save time and keep notes while watching podcasts, lectures and educational content. With this feature, you can quickly understand the content of any video and save time by only watching that part of a video which is actually relevant to you. Gone are the days of “getting clickbated”.
Screenshot (145).png

Merlin can also summarize blogs and research papers for people who like to read but are short on time. It makes lengthy articles easier to understand by condensing them into short and concise summaries. This allows you to quickly extract the important information you need in seconds.
Screenshot (189).png

Another feature that has been a crowd-pleaser is Merlin's prompt-saving function. It allows you to save your favorite prompts for later use, making them easily accessible anytime.
Screenshot (192).png

Merlin has made ChatGPT use even easier with its simple cmd+M shortcut which provides instant access to both GPT3 and GPT4 mode. This feature saves time as users can use it on any website directly without having to go through the hassle of opening new tabs or typing in URLs.
"We're delighted by the positive response we've received for Merlin," said a Merlin representative. "We knew we had created something special, but we never expected it to be this popular. We're excited to continue developing new features and making Merlin even more accessible to everyone."
"It's been thrilling to see the number of users who have embraced Merlin's features and how they have positively impacted their daily interactions with Merlin."
Merlin’s team is continually innovating to improve the user experience with future features and functionalities. Experience the power of Merlin for yourself, download it today and use ChatGPT in a whole new way.

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