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Child support is one of the most contentious topics in a divorce in massillon. When it comes to addressing the financial requirements of children, divorced parents' emotions can get the best of them, making it difficult to achieve an agreement that is in the best interests of the children. Even when there is no disagreement, the legal procedure for calculating child support is complicated, particularly because custody and parenting time have an impact on payments.
Fout Law understands that child support issues may be unpleasant for the entire family, therefore ; work hard to alleviate the tension. Teresa Fout has extensive experience in all parts of divorce, trial, and mediation, as well as problem-solving skills that come in handy in contested child support cases. Our massillon child support lawyers are dedicated to ensuring that you completely comprehend your options and are able to make well-informed decisions that benefit all parties involved.
Child Support in Massillon Determination Factors
Child support in massillon is calculated using a formula that takes into account the following factors:
● The total combined income of both parents, including all wages or salaries obtained from employment, as well as income from investments and other assets; and
● The statutory child support schedule, which takes into account the amount that should be provided to children on a yearly basis as well as the number of children involved.
Keep in mind that a judge may deviate from the statute in certain circumstances, such as if the child has special needs or expenses. To account for these circumstances, the child support order may be higher or lower than the amount listed on the statutory schedule.
Child Support Orders are enforced
The conditions of a child support order become legally binding once a judge signs it. As a result, refusing payment by the paying parent is illegal. The Child Support Enforcement Agency is in charge of enforcing child support orders, and it has the authority to take the following actions to compel payment:
● Taking away income, Social Security payments, unemployment benefits, or workers' compensation benefits;
● Liens are placed on real land or personal property.
● levying on tax refunds;
● Suspension of a driver's licence, a recreational licence, or a professional licence
● Issuing an arrest warrant on a bench;
● Refusing to issue a passport; and
● Other things to do.
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Our experienced Child Support Lawyer at provides individualised assistance in all types of child support issues. We offer guidance on your alternatives and provide the assistance you need to make educated decisions, from amiable agreements to complex litigation. Massillon Child Support Lawyers committed to finding a financial solution that works for you, your minor children, and the other parent of your child. To schedule a full evaluation of your child support situation, please call our North Canton, OH office at 330-437-7455 or contact us online.
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