Aether Gazer Global FAQ Guide

By Flux Kairos


Q: What is the global release time for Aether Gazer?

A: Aether Gazer Global has officially released!

Q: Who to reroll for in Aether Gazer?

A: S Tsukuyomi, she's a top tier DPS and she does insane damage if she has her signature functor, Shikigami - Kyokotsu.
She’s so strong, you can solo bosses with her. Don’t even need to raise a second team for recurring dream.

Q: How do I reroll?

Guest account rerolling does not work for global, since your account gets auto-binded to your play store account. I’ve created the complete guide for the entire process for rerolling (even though I didn’t need to reroll because I got insanely lucky with my first account which you can see at the end of the video).
NOTE: I accidentally cut a part from the video at 1:21 - Claim all the social rewards and everything in your mail.
You have to use salted emails instead so if your email is, you can do ,, etc.
UPDATE: Salted emails are working once again, the binding system is fixed. Happy rerolling!
You get enough shifted stars for 21 pulls after Ch. 1-2 for Tsukuyomi’s banner, but you get 40 pulls on the beginner’s banner so you can reroll for S Okuninushi, S Poseidon or S Asura. If rerolling for S Tsukuyomi with 21 pulls seems a little painful to you, you can aim for either S Poseidon or S Asura from the beginner banner. We got this compensation!
which means we now get 10 21 total pulls instead of 4 to reroll for S Tsukuyomi! Good luck!
We received even more compensation mails! 11 extra pulls for rerollers, so 21 pulls total now!
10 more pulls! That’s 31 in total for rerolling now.
If you did not receive the compensation, please close the app and relog to receive it after a short wait.
Keep in mind, some of these rewards will have expired and will not be available after a certain time period.

Q: Who should I pull for as an F2P (Free-to-play) player?

If you're free to play, you can pull for S Okuninushi if you rerolled for S Tsukuyomi. She's a great support character for her.
She can also solo bosses with decent investment. Not as good as S Tsukuyomi, but still useful for Recurring Dream.
And for the standard banner, you can get either S Poseidon, who has the best AOE dps and is excellent for farming, or S Asura, who is a good AOE DPS with a unique time stop ability. They're both good characters.

Q: Aether Gazer Global Launch Tier List?

A: There is a great spreadsheet made by the community:

Q: Does Aether Gazer have a PC Client? Which emulator should I use?

The PC Client for Aether Gazer is likely in development after this announcement from Yostar.
In the meantime, you can play it on PC using LD Player 9. I’m using this emulator to play the global version and it runs super smooth on the highest settings. Highly recommended.
Use this download link for the right version:

Q: Aether Gazer vs Punishing Gray Raven?

A: This is how Aether Gazer is different from PGR.
Combat: You can't switch to your teammates, they're completely controlled by AI. But, AG has a cool mechanic where characters in the team can perform combo ultimates.
Story: The story is fully voiced with cutscenes.
QoL & Grind: There is no auto-clear for dailies and farming.
F2P friendliness: You can't compare free to play friendliness yet, since they just announced changes to the banner schedule for global version.

Q: Does Aether Gazer have PvP?

A: No.

Q: How do I swap to Japanese Voice Acting?


Q: What are the upcoming banners and skins for the global version?

Q: What do events in Aether Gazer look like?

Beginner’s Questions:

Q: What should I prioritize purchasing in shop and for farming?

Q: How do I complete the Heart Link Event mission?

Bonus Tip: You can farm Affinity and Proficiency without Stamina in Past Grudges 1-1 by putting the characters with your highest DPS character as AI and letting your DPS carry them with auto-play.

Q: How do I get the “Heart like a Crystal” sticker?


Q: I can’t download through Google Play, Qooapp or TapTap. What should I do?

A: Try downloading the APK from this link:

Q: I’m stuck at this screen, “Analyzing File Differences...”. What should I do?

A: Wait for 10 mins and it should work, but if it doesn’t. Try downloading the APK above and reinstalling.

Q: I’m stuck at 92%. What should I do?

A: Change your device language to English.
For Android: Settings → General Management → Language and Input → Language → English (United States)

Q: I’m getting a test server error, what should I do?

A: Click the fix button and if that doesn’t work, then switch to JP server and then back to Global server.

Q: I’m having audio issues. What should I do?

A: Update your game on the Play Store and Apple App Store. If you downloaded from Qooapp or Taptap, check for updates there. If you installed from an APK, you should be able to update with the methods above. However, if you aren’t able to, you’ll have to look for the latest version of the APK to install.

Q: I did not receive the compensation mail of 1000 crystals for the audio bug. What should I do?

A: Close the app and relog to receive it after a short wait.

Thanks for reading my guide!


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