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Work Examples (Portfolio)

Junto was a personal project for me where I was able to put my no code skills to the test. Junto is a no code membership book club. This project allowed me to lay the foundation of building groundbreaking ideas with no code. Sadly, Junto is no longer functional due to allowing subscription tools to run out. However, at one point Junto was a fully functioning end to end site with the following features and integrations:
Website: Webflow
Data storage & CRM : Airtable
Automated member emails: Mailchimp
Stripe payment integration for memberships payments
member community for members to join and start their own book clubs.
Memberspace to handle member signups and accounts
Zapier: the magic to power all automations and integrations
Flowzy is us! As a business process automation/no code agency we were able to use ourselves as our first ever client! Of course, our entire agency is built using no code with automations at every corner. This project has now allowed us to be comfortable and ready to take on new clients. We feel through our journey of building our own business the right way (no code) we have mastered the automation and no code skills. Our current tech stack and features:
Website: Swipe Pages
Data storage & CRM: Airtable
Automated Emails: Moosend
Calendy Integration
Reddit lead gen integration
Coda integrations (data from airtable, google reminders, etc)
Google suite automations (docs, calendar, gmail, etc.)
On our way to a fully functional client portal
Zapier is the glue behind our stack!
Building many more integrations and automations everyday.
Corey Redd Work Examples:
As a day to day technical program manager at a large public tech company I spend about half of my time working on tooling and automations for our programs. In order to track, manage, and properly asses our programs, my team of program managers needs to have automated ways of working. I have most recently completed a dynamic quarterly program planning and tracking dashboard for our senior leadership team to use. This project was completed by using JIRA, google sheets, google data studio, and google app script. Also, I have completed a bi-weekly sprint status email for our TPM team to use. Previously, this email was taking our team about 2-3 hours to compose using JIRA data. I was able to take this JIRA data, and using google sheets & google app script automate this heavy reporting process down to only a few minutes! Tools I use frequently in day to day work!:
Goggle App Script
Google Suite
Google Drive
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