Thrilled by nothing

I’m thrilled by nothing.
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ing can turn into something, just because someone wants that. Just because of an idea that unleashes the power to change everything, create new worlds, new realities really fascinates me.
As a Freelance Marketing Strategy Creator, I'm fascinated by the power of ideas for businesses. I help businesses win with creative ideas, brand experiences, and real-world marketing.
With over 15 years of experience working with top brands like Coke and Google, I combine brand thinking, creative marketing strategy, and agile marketing capabilities to bring good ideas to life. Because especially the best ideas need help get real.
I’m excited by transformative and courageous brands, I want to help make a different and maybe even change things for the better. I’ve a faible for positive change.
But - being an entrepreneur myself - the priority #1 of good strategy is something else.
Good strategy is useful, first and foremost. Useful for you and your ambitions.
Let me help you realise your ideas faster, better, and easier.
Get in touch to boost idea or business a boost through strategy.

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