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Tim Hanson x 530 // SEO resources

The websites and articles I owe a career too. Thank you ❤
Yo, hey, hello.
I’m Tim. I run . It’s been a long journey, nearly 9 years at this point, and I want to say a huge thank you to all the sites and pages and documents that have gotten me to where I am.
I’ll be adding to this page, so feel free to bookmark it, print it off and keep it close to you at night. That way you can obtain all the knowledge through osmosis.
Anyway, here’s the stuff you came for.

General SEO

Anything on the This was my soundtrack on the way to work when I was first starting out.

Technical SEO

Content and OnPage

I think a foundation for anyone writing anything should be
Written by a great friend, but far better copywriter John Harrison. This online e-book has helped me where others just confused me.
I have to shill a little here and send you to my

The best post on writing amazing intros -
Anything by Julia @ Content Hacker is incredible too

On Page/”SEO Content”

If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you’ll know I hate the phrase SEO content. Good content should and does rank. Just write good shit.
That being said, these are the best guides to make sure you’re writing something “good”, when Google is the dude that’s judging it.

What to do after you’ve published a page?

- A fantastic resource for pushing you in the right direction of what to do with old content.

Keyword Research

Matt Diggity back at it again with the sauce
My new favourite - Skyler Reeves bringing in the spicy hotness with Total Addressable Market analysis - By far the best I’ve ever seen, but requires you to put the work in for sure.


I don’t enjoy backlinks. But, I’ve gotten some great posts over the years to help me out.
When it comes to content marketing - Hubspot - our lord and saviour estimates it takes 13 different people to create a complete content marketing team. Bear this in mind next time you think you’re behind. One job at a time. There’s no rush.
Ways I can help you, at the right time of course :D


I run a Sprint focused SEO consultancy - Hit me up in the DM’s and we can chat about that.


I’ll be starting the first cohort in the Anti SEO SEO Club this year. If you’re new to SEO and content, I want to teach you how to do it properly. DM me “Anti SEO SEO Club” and I’ll put on the shortlist of first people


Lastly, and not least of all, actually might be the most helpful - I post on LinkedIn every weekday @0930 GMT. Follow me on there, shoot me a comment. I’m always around.
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