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You’re living under a rock to deny AI is the future of where most industries are going. But, with ChatGPT down most of the time for most of us, we’re looking for alternatives.
Why not look for alternatives that don’t require you to tell ChatGPT what to do? Alternatives that are built for the one thing you keep using Chad for? I’ve gone through 50+ tools and shortlisted a bunch. Used each one for a few hours and categorised them based on use case.

Analytics + Data testing

When it comes to data most markets have a small panic attack. You either don’t know the data, or there is so much data the sheer volume of it just crushes anyone else who isn’t sitting in GA 24/7. It’s either so overwhelming you don’t know, or it’s just straight overwhelming.
AI can help with predictive models for new campaigns, real time alerts for trends and market shifts, and much better cross platform tracking. Not to mention A/B testing. What if you had A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H..... testing? Oh, and reports. The reports can be so gooooooood.
- Like Hotjar but before you have data. Really cool heatmap prediction SaaS.
- Had a demo of this and was blown away. Imagine ChatGPT but trained on your internal data. Now you can ask questions of the data. So cool.
- Just everything AI. Honestly, everything you need to know about using AI for better data insights.
- Predictive user conversion. Great recommendations as next actions based on your current data. I’ve seen teams use this for crazy PLG.
- A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H testing at scale. Add to this one of the nicest experiment pipeline dashboards I’ve ever seen.


PR is this crazy Wild West like place to me so I had to ask around for this one. Got some great suggestions. Most of this is to get people doing what people do best, ask great questions, report great stories. Try and get the AI to do the legwork part.
- Smart templates for better presentations and data vis
- AI logo generation and branding assets. I’ve been playing around with this for some 530 assets.
- Social listening, media monitoring and so good for monitoring trends. This is your trendjacking platform btw

Content Creation - Written

My baby. This is a hard one to put together due to the amount of people looking to “replace writers”. So, I’m going to give you the tools I’ve seen work to make writers better. To enable you to write.
- Smart content repurposing for multiple channels. Great for seeding ideas for content repurposing.
- I use Hemmingway for pretty much everything. Helps me keep things short/sweet to the point.
- Not a huge fan, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t say it wasn’t helpful at times.
+ Spices - My current go to for using AI to write content. It can cite, it has tone of voice. It can tell better jokes than I can.
- great for content writing. Hugely helpful when it comes to wrapping up content or rewrites.
- Better insights into the content journey users take. Gives you a much better visual on how people are moving throughout the site.
- An addition from Jake Ward. Great tool. AI content at scale.

Content Creation - Audio/Video

AI within audio and video is kinda new. It’s a much harder egg to crack because there are so many moving parts. These are a few of my favs so far.
- Insane voice replication for anything SOPs/screen recording/Podcasts. I LOVE DESCRIPT.
NVidia - So many cool things coming out of Nvidia. Real time audio cleaning. Eye tracking to the camera. Head tracking on video. ​ - Audio synthesising. This one creeps me out a little, but I can’t deny how cool it is.

Content Creation - Images

Images, artwork. There’s a lot here to debate. I use AI for my visuals on my posts. I don’t use them for any sold materials. Here are the main players
- Caught everyone by surprise last year, and then again when they updated the algo. Craiyon is the new mini version.
- I swear it’s been made famous by Chris Do alone. My personal fav. Sits inside Discord.
- AI image upscaling. Sometimes your image is just too small. Here’s a great one for making them bigger and crisper.

Customer Support

Remember when chatbots were a thing? And not they’re mostly just a super expensive plugin. Turns out we were putting them in the wrong place. Move from home page to help page and they make a lot more sense. AI can be the chatbot, manage conversations, or even be the AI voice (this one is weird).

- AI powered support workflows and forecasting when a real person needs to step in.
- Personalised customer support at scale. Easy to integrate to most CMS’s.
- What if it’s easier to move the conversation to WhatsApp to help the user? Manage that one customer across multiple platforms in one place.
- They have an AI powered help desk that’s pretty cool now. Worth checking out.


Because of the fast nature of eCommerce AI is everywhere. 81% of online retailers already use AI to boost holiday sales. Because ROI is so easily tied to bottomline AI in eCommerce has grown and evolved at lightning speeds. From funnel optimisation to writing listings based on user history, forecasting and micro sales.

- Bet you didn’t know shopify had an AI part? You can create AI models to cover the buying cycle, look at cart abandonment's, churn rate, product optimisation...
- Smart listing personalisation to create dynamic text per the user.
- AI virtual shopper. Providing personalised shoppers at scale.
- Image prediction for listings. Experiment and optimise based on conversions.


Hyper-personalised emails, subject lines and optimised send times? AI is so strong in email it’s scary.
-AI powered email clean up
- Predict your subject line performance before you even send the email.
- Saw them back in PR, they have great AI written email templates too.
- AI guided expert advice on list segmentation, reducing churn and scaling send volumes
- Hubspot add on to optimise send time

Paid Ads

All modern advertising runs on AI. It would be dumb to say otherwise. Humans just can’t compete. You still need humans to run the ads though.
Here’s how AI can help with that part - Finding new audiences, micro-targetting audiences, creating ads for them, adapting ads to audience preferences, managing spend and running the campaigns -
- Predict ad performance and helpful to scale
- Automatically create multivariate creative to test across formats and platforms
- Used to create ad copy. Be careful with it, learn to edit the outcome.
- Create customised text based in ads based on audience history
- Powerful ads optimisation algorithm across campaigns and most platforms


AI for sales has come a long way since basic software automations and moving a list for you at the end of the day. It goes without saying Gong and Salesforce should be on this list, but here are a few you might not know about. ​ - Automation of outreach and sales forecasting
- AI powered lookalike data for finding new audience. ​ - Record one video and personalise it to scale outreach.


AI is coming to search. There’s no denying that. But, we can use AI to help with our own efforts. I’ve been doing it for years, because manually trying to work out search algorithms is insane.
- Smart clustering of keywords into pillar and spoke topics.
- What do you actually need to write to rank. Surfer has been in my quiver for nearly 5 years at this point.
- AI keyword research and search intent signals? sign me up.
- Been playing around with this one to add schema to posts. Really like this.


And, last but not least, my social peeps. AI is taking over our feeds, people talking about it, people telling us for 8th time today that we’re using ChatGPT wrong. Here are some tools that I’ll never tell you you’re using them wrong. Pinky promise.
- Their AI powered social listening tool is pretty cool. They have a free version.
- An amazing AI that takes all the guess work out of social. Predicts it too. Automatic blog repurposing anyone?
- expensive. But, from what I’ve seen it’s pretty nuts. Detailed customer personas. Like scary detailed.
- AI powered trendspotting and deep analytics around them.
- AI chatbot for social posts. Been playing around with this.
- Scheduling of LinkedIn posts. Has an AI post re-writer that good for seeding content ideas.

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