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Ahoy, welcome.
I’m Tim. I run . It’s been a long journey, nearly 9 years at this point, here’s the list of things I use to make the job smoother. Both the big tools, and the little tools.
🔎 Job Tools
Things I need to do my job - I’m not going to go hugely into detail on these as they’re their own whole thing. Check them out, each tool is amazing and has had to earn a spot to be daily for me.
by Glenn Allsop

🕴 Business Tools
Google Drive. I mean, what else do people use these days?
The various Google tracking software. Analytics, Search Console, Data Studio for reporting
- This is a Coda doc. It’s like Notion. But good.

📝 LinkedIn posting
This is a new one for me, but after 7 weeks of posting twice a day, each week day. I think I have a system.
for screenshotting sweet posts people make. The OCR on there is amazing and enables me to copy paste the text into a templates file I have.
for scheduling. I can see at a glance where I have gaps and where I need to write more.
for analytics. Honestly, I don’t think I’d have made it this far without seeing the numbers and the tiny growth day by day.

⚙ The Fun Ones - Min-maxing my job
. I’ve had this subscription for years now and it’s cool to go back and see all the random screenshots I’ve taken.
But it’s for screenshots, easily marking them up, sending to clients, storing and putting into folders.
I have the hotkey on my mouse to make it super easy
Talking about mouses, mice, hand tools.. It’s jus the best mouse in the world. I have 2 on ice for when this one dies. Because I use it so much.
Keyboard is a custom with Box Royales - Pokemon Keycaps - and added weights/foam to dampen the sound.
I’m not going to go into the audio today - Just do it properly. It’s a win for everyone when you have a good mic.
Chrome Plugin -- I use this all the time for scraping tables on webpages into sheets so I can play around with them.
Wordcount extension - - There are ones that work on a right click. They’re good too, but they don’t show up when I’m screensharing on Zoom calls. So I use this one.
A whole ass website for this is - - Also shows you word densities.
- I use this to open loads of sites at once, then copy the list into various other places instead of doing it one by one. Also, you can do it the other way around. Start with a list, end up with 100 tabs open.

And in general - Get good at typing. It’s something you’ll do every day. It’s worthwhile to enjoy the process of it. - is your friend.

Ways I can help you, at the right time of course :D
I run a Sprint focused SEO consultancy - Hit me up in the DM’s and we can chat about that.
I’ll be starting the first cohort in the Anti SEO SEO Club this year. If you’re new to SEO and content, I want to teach you how to do it properly. DM me “Anti SEO SEO Club” and I’ll put on the shortlist of first people
three (free!)
Lastly, and not least of all, actually might be the most helpful - I post on LinkedIn every weekday @0930 GMT. Follow me on there, shoot me a comment. I’m always around.
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