Avoda Summit: The Kingsmen Council

by Firm Collective
Unifying the Church through Innovation and Community Connection
Event Title: Avoda Summit: The Kingsmen Council
Event Date: May 25th, 2024
Location Request: Lake Shasta Summit Retreat | 17800 Shasta Lake Road, Lakehead CA, 96051
Firm Collective is a forward-thinking non-profit ministry dedicated to building technological systems and economic frameworks to unify the Church and strengthen community bonds. We are committed to fostering local economies through our envisioned apostolic centers and networks, which serve as beacons of worship, refuge, and innovation.
About the Event:
The Avoda Summit: The Kingsmen Council is designed as a pivotal think tank and mastermind session that aims to gather distinguished Christian thought leaders, entrepreneurs, pioneers, and policymakers. Our goal is to forge a robust strategy for the launch of our apostolic hubs in 2024, thereby empowering communities and paving the way for sustainable kingdom-minded businesses & economies.
Purpose of the Venue:
We are seeking a venue that resonates with the spirit of innovation and community upliftment. The ideal space would accommodate interactive sessions, networking, and collaborative strategizing, reflecting the summit's dynamic and inspirational nature.
Attendee Profile:
Local and regional Christian thought leaders
Influential entrepreneurs with a focus on social impact
Community-oriented politicians and policymakers
Key stakeholders in religious and business sectors
Venue Requirements:
Seating capacity for 20-30 attendees
Flexible space for breakout sessions and workshops
Audio/visual capabilities for presentations
Impact Expectation:
By hosting the Avoda Summit at your esteemed venue, we aim to catalyze significant positive changes within local communities. The event will serve as a cornerstone for launching initiatives that enhance economic prosperity and social welfare, aligned with Christian values and ethics all over the world
Contact Information:
Jerry Langum Senior Leader & Board Member Firm Collective
+1 (209) 613-4233 ​
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